CVC: Machine; the Perfect Wrestler for the Perfect CVC

Benny LeoContributor IFebruary 6, 2011

CVC: Machine; the Perfect Wrestler for the Perfect CVC

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    (cue Anonymous GM tone)

    "New Objective!

    OPERATION: Creature vs. Creature

    MISSION: Create the Perfect Wrestler

    You must create the perfect wrestler using a combination of skills and attributes of the greatest of all-time.  Your creation will count for your entry in the CVC contest.  Do you accept?"

    "I've never done a CVC before, but this is intriguing.  Picking any skills from any wrestlers is a major challenge, but I can handle it.  We must search the wrestling history books for the strongest of the strong, the greatest of the great. Our creation cannot be like any human or creation.... It must be...MACHINE!"

TitanTron: Randy Orton

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    "First, Machine must have a TitanTron.  The 2010 TitanTron of RKO shows exactly what Machine will be all about: domination and destruction.  The song "I Hear Voices" by Rev Theory is a perfect fit.  Machine's mind will be set on destroying all in its path."

Charisma: Hulk Hogan

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    "No wrestler has been loved (or hated) quite as much as Hulk Hogan.  Hollywood struck emotion deep into the hearts of every wrestling fan when he walked to the ring.  I think that leaves no other choice as to whose charisma we want Machine to have."

Mic Skills/Gimmick: Chris Jericho

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    "Face or heel, Jericho's intelligence has always been the focal point of his promos.  Y2J used this to effectively belittle his opponents.  Poor mic skills have sent some wrestlers down the pit of obscurity, but Chris Jericho rose to the top."

Technical Ability: Kurt Angle

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    "When Kurt Angle locks on a hold, he grabs the targeted body part, plants his feet and pulls the joint out of the socket better than any wrestler in history.  The two-time Olympic Gold Medalist is the greatest technical wrestler of all-time."

Athleticism: John Morrison

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    "I wish I could do things like this man can.  JoMo does not need to think about what to do; rather, Morrison thinks about how to win.  The Prince of Parkour, the Master of Movement, the Shaman of Sexy: Whatever you call him, John Morrison is the most athletic wrestler today."

Strength: Batista

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    "Just watch how this guy trains.  If you train as hard as he does, you should get off your computer and join the UFC."

Finisher: Sweet Chin Music

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    "Every good wrestler needs a good finisher (well, except for John Cena) so Machine has to have the best of them all.  Sweet Chin Music  would knock the opponent down for the count, and it hit perfectly every time.  Only a few finishers truly have that to its credit (and no, The Cobra doesn't count!)."


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    "He has charisma, mic skills, a great TitanTron, athleticism, strength and the greatest finisher of all time.  I think we've created the perfect wrestler, and his name is: MACHINE."