Huge Breaking Update on Sting Coming to WWE: Not Even Contacted by WWE?

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIFebruary 6, 2011

Obviously, the hottest wrestling story of the new year is the possible debut of a man called Sting. The man is an ICON, he transcends generational boundaries and could go down as one ofif not THE bestof all time.

Yet he has never worked for Vince McMahon, like many of the other greats have.

Sting is the only top player in wrestling never to have worked for Vince or WWF/E in any way, even territorial. So obviously McMahon would like to change that.

And why wouldn't he?

First off, it feeds his ego. But moreover, Vinny Mac knows the fans wanna see it. And Sting obviously knows this as well. This is why Vince has said that bringing Sting in was the top priority of the 2011 year, and that it needed to be done at any cost.

Obviously, money is no object. But as I reported in the past, Sting isn't about the money nowadaysit's about either how he'd be used or how the fans would see him.

Sting doesn't need the money like others his age do; he has been relatively good with his money according to sources. But the thing is, the ICON would like to be used well if he decided to come in.

Now, a report from the NY Daily News said that Sting signed a one-year deal with World Wrestling Entertainment. This coming the day after Monday Night Raw had a vignette with a man walking in the rain with a trench coat and boots, highly similar to either Sting or the Undertaker.

However, the killer on Taker was the scene itself. The mysterious man walked into a house, an older one, which looked like something Sting would be associated with. Taker's character has nothing really to do with that.

So if it is the Phenom, it really makes no sense to many of us as to why they went with this scene highly reminiscent of the Starcade '97 package, which was about Sting.

There was a thought that WWE was paying tribute to past WCW things, considering WrestleMania was in Atlanta this year, the former home of World Championship Wrestling.

And on 2/21/11, Fresno, Ca., has the Undertaker coming back on this night. So, since the arena gave it away in many people's minds, some are saying the mystery is over. That the 2/21/11 vignette is the Undertaker, despite this being his 100th return to WWE.

What makes the mystery even weirder is that Taker is returning to RAW, and the idea for him to return then has been planned for months. The WWE knows the arena would announce the lineup for the show to generate revenue from tickets.

So why tell them Taker is coming back, only to do a mysterious vignette about his return when you know it makes about one percent sense?

See, the WWE isn't one to change plans for a return/debut that often. If they have a guy, that's when you see him hyped up the way Jericho was during the "Save us" return angle. Y2J was obviously coming back, and WWE knew it, so they did a hyped return angle for him.

When the Rock or Stone Cold returned however, they didn't have a hype video, they just came back. Some stars don't need that. But obviously some could use it.

Undertaker had this with his first few returns. But since he is coming back every year around this time, it's just expected and there is no mystery. So why make it one?

That's why many do not think it's the Undertaker, but Sting.

The thing is, according to a very reliable backstage source within WWE, there has been absolutely no contact between Steve "Sting" Borden and World Wrestling Entertainment officials. Now, this could be something throwing us, the fans, off. Or the source doesn't know if Sting has been contacted or not. Or, well, Sting hasn't been contacted.

Sometimes, Vinny Mac tells no one of his plans. He tells a select few on occasions, and other times, he informs an entire creative staff. But, when WrestleMania season comes up, McMahon goes into a new mold, a higher level if you will. He keeps huge, bombshell secrets that surprise many within the WWE, including much of the staff and wrestlers.

If it is not Sting, there is a thought that it is the debut of a wrestler, since a return vignette for Taker makes no sense. It's obviously not Awesome Kong for those morons who believe it could be.

Tyler Black is an idea, but there has been no word on him having a new gimmick, nor is he even ready to come up yet from FCW. So I doubt it's him.

Really, the only who makes sense in this vignette, which appeared twice on both RAW and SD! this week, is the icon Sting.

We'll have to see who it is come 2/21/11, but for now, speculation by very many is that it is Sting. However, if he hasn't even been contacted by WWE, then it's obviously not him.

What do you think?


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