Super Bowl XLV: Donald Driver of the Green Bay Packers Finally Makes It

Joe PepeContributor IFebruary 6, 2011

In 1999, Donald Driver entered the NFL draft coming out of Alcorn college. He wasn't well-known and not many teams even considered drafting him. Then, in the seventh round, the Green Bay Packers took a long shot and drafter Donald Driver, and since then the Packers and Driver have never looked back.

I'm not saying Driver is a Hall of Famer; however, he is a very valuable weapon to this Packers team. He has caught over 50 touchdowns and almost 10,000 yards receiving. He has been in the league for 12 years and he has never been in the Super Bowl. That will change this Sunday night.

He may not be Aaron Rodgers' main target—that would be Greg Jennings. He didn't have a career year; in fact, his total yards were subpar compared to other years. He does, however, bring the intangibles to the team.

He brings leadership—anyone who has been around that long and can help his team focus during that ugly QB change, clearly has leadership. He brings durability and toughness, as he has only had two seasons where he played fewer than 15 games.

The biggest thing that Donald Driver brings to his team is consistency. There have been countless teams that he has burned the opposition with a simple slant route. He can throw the block to spring the running back. He can also just do his job and pull a safety over to cover him, leaving one of his teammates uncovered for the perfect pass from Rodgers.

So today when you sit down and you're with your friends and family discussing storylines for today's game, I know there will be many to choose from. You can talk about Big Ben, maybe Hines Ward riding off into retirement if he wins, or Rodgers surpassing Favre—all these stories we heard all week long.

Or you can look a little deeper and start a conversation about a player who not always flashy, has always been a very talented player and a contributor for years. This veteran deserves to play on the NFL biggest stage: the Super Bowl.