Is Brian Burke Coming to Toronto? Hopefully Not!

Izaak De JagerContributor ISeptember 21, 2008

It's been a while now since we've heard much in terms of the Toronto Maple Leafs' GM search. For a while, you couldn't foresee the end of the speculation, but things have been quiet lately.

One of the names that was meantioned right off the bat was lawyer-turned-GM Brian Burke of the Anaheim Ducks. Many think he has the right approach, attitude, and, heck, he has a cup ring to boot. I'll tell you what I think, though: I think that the Leafs really shouldn't hire him.

Sure, he's won a cup. Sure, he's experienced. But when one looks closer, one finds that there are many more qualified candidates.

Burke has been credited with reviving an ailing Canucks franchise, by drafting players like the Sedins, and increasing attendance. Does that need to be done in Toronto? Surely not the reviving the franchise part.

As for the draft, the way that Toronto is shaping up this season, they will likely have a top-five pick, and I'm sure that they don't need Burke to make the decision of whom to draft.

We need a GM that can find those diamonds in the rough, and a name that immediately comes to mind is the highly touted Ken Holland, GM of the Detroit Red Wings. This man has done nothing but draft amazing players, and acquire key character guys like Dan Cleary and Dallas Drake. He has also pulled off great moves like the acquisition of Brad Stuart, bringing back Chris Osgood, and calling up speedy youngster Darren Helm. 

Let's move on to Burke's tenure in Anaheim so far. Yes, we all know he won a cup there. But let's get one thing straight: It was Burke's second year in Anaheim.

He basically inherited the cup—all the hard work was done before he arrived. Now, since he's been there a couple of years, he's pulled off great moves like trading Andy McDonald to St. Louis for Doug Weight (I'm being sarcastic here), and holding back the former No. 2 overall pick Bobby Ryan.

Also, Burke insists on bringing back his crew of old players year after year. At least this year he has the common sense to get rid of Mathieu Schneider. Pretty soon those players are all going to retire. Then who is left? Sure, there's Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf, and Ryan, but those players were all acquired before Burke came to Anaheim. So my question is, "Has Brian Burke really done anything for Anaheim?"

What I do think that the Leafs need that Burke has is his no-nonsense attitude with the media. We all know what the media can be like in Toronto, and his approach would be nice to see.

But one must admit, though, if a GM like Ken Holland came in and started pulling off great moves, would the press even be hounding him?