Scott Coker and Strikeforce Could Learn A Lot From Dana White and The UFC

Anthony Hardin SrContributor IFebruary 6, 2011

Sitting in the post-fight press conference after another stellar Strikeforce fight card, and a journalist can easily feel like Bill Murray in the movie “Groundhog Day.”  There sits Strikeforce founder and CEO Scott Coker. 

Holding all of the cards and playing his best poker face.  He would be better served to promote and offer up information about some of the match-ups that may lay on the horizon. 

But instead, the members of the media forced to pry information out of him.  He has got to work with the media better and promote the hell out of not only his fighters, but any and all upcoming fight cards as well.

It would be unfair to compare Strikeforce to the UFC, but Strikeforce could learn a few things when it comes to promotion and the “lead up” to an upcoming fight card. 

There seems to be an overall attitude of “Let’s throw this fight card together and then promote it three weeks out.”

This philosophy is clearly hurting the organization and their reputation in the eyes of fight fans and the overall general public.

Is Strikeforce CEO and Founder Scott Coker too timid to be a top-flight organization's promoter/talking head?  To answer that question, one must first look at his counterpart.

Yes, UFC President Dana White is loud, overbearing and demonstrative.  But everything he touches is instantly turned to gold. 

He knows how to work a room and not only has the media eating out of his hand, but also has them hanging on his every word.  White clearly knows how to promote and “Lead up” from fight card to fight card.

And that is the key.  That is why Strikeforce is clearly behind the UFC in the “Beauty Pageant” popularity contest.  But do not be fooled, despite the lack of “fight card” build up, the Strikeforce organization has quality, top-tier fighters. 

The fighters under the Strikeforce banner could not only compete, but challenge for most of, if not all of the UFC world titles.

Looking at the talent in the Strikeforce “stable,” one could use a football metaphor and say that Strikeforce has Spread Option skill players, yet chooses to run the Wing-T.  Why must there always be cryptic answers and the undeniable feeling that less is more?

The media is there to spread the word and take the information given and distribute it to the masses.  But, that can be difficult when getting that information is like pulling teeth.

There is clearly an opportunity for Scott Coker and Strikeforce to take that next step toward the top of the fight game “Food Chain”.  But Coker must be the man to make that first step. 

Coker has alluded that at the end of the second quarter, Strikeforce will have an announcement regarding a syndicated reality television show. 

Would it not be better to just talk about the upcoming project and let the anticipation build, and have the fight fans begging for it?

Until Coker runs Strikeforce like a rival to the UFC, rather than the little brother just trying to play catch-up, the organization will struggle to carve out a serious foothold not only in the MMA community, but the sports world as well.

Scott Coker ultimately holds all the cards to the future of the Strikeforce organization, and it’s high time he start laying them down and playing them.