Florida-Tennessee: CFF's Review Of The Vols' 30-6 Blowout Loss

College Football FanaticCorrespondent ISeptember 21, 2008

This was horrendous. This was ugly.

And I'm not even sure those two words are correct for how awful of a game Tennessee played. Florida didn't dominate Tennessee like last year and UT actually outgained Florida, but the Vols made many mistakes and blew multiple scoring opportunities thanks to dumb turnovers.


Look, I've tried to support Jonathan Crompton since the offseason started. I thought this guy would be a smart quarterback and wouldn't be as bad as everyone said. Boy, was I wrong. Even though Crompton's stats were decent yesterday (18-28, 162 yards), probably half of those catches were thanks to the receivers doing a great job to even get a hand on the ball.

Crompton has proved to be an incompetent, mediocre, and most of all, confusing quarterback in his first three starts. Here's two main examples.

In the second quarter about halfway through, Crompton's led the Vols to the Florida one. The score is still UF 17, UT 0, but Crompton and the Vols have a great chance to get a touchdown and gain some momentum.

There is no Florida defender in front of the center. Most quarterbacks know what this means. If you are in this situation, you change the play to a quarterback sneak and you easily get in for the TD and some momentum and possibly a game-changing play.

So what does Crompton do?

He attempts a handoff to the fullback, holds on to the ball for too long, the fullback drops it, and Florida recovers. It's a good thing I was sitting in the upper deck because if I was in the lower deck I would've ran out onto the field and beaten the crap out of Crompton.

Then, with 30 seconds left in the first half, once again, the Vols are at the Florida one. Montario Hardesty (I think) attempts to jump over the pile and is stuffed for no gain. When the play ends, there are 28 seconds on the clock. When Fulmer finally calls the freakin' timeout, there's 16. 16 seconds. More on that later.

So, instead of having a chance to run the field goal unit out there in case we don't make it, we've got to throw the ball. At the Florida one. What? Crompton throws an awful pass that's nearly picked off on third down, and his fourth and goal pass is easily intercepted. Crompton is booed off the field.

The rushing game underperformed. Many people were saying that if UT was going to win this game, they needed at least 200 yards rushing. We got 96 on 31 carries. Arian Foster led with 37 yards on 14 carries.

The offensive line has been a big disappointment so far. We've had many holding penalties be the cause of calling back 20 and 30 yard plays. Fulmer's got to get this group together and say that if they don't start performing better, everyone's starting spot is up for grabs.

Grade: C-


Thank God for the defense. If it wasn't for them, this game would've been 51-6 instead of 30-6.

The defense held Florida to just 243 yards and Tim Tebow to 8-15 and 96 yards passing with two TDs and just 26 yards rushing, which was a good job by the D.

Rico McCoy and Eric Berry were the two standouts and were all over the field making tackles. McCoy finished with 10, including one for a loss, and Berry finished with 8, including a sack.

The defensive line has underperformed this season. We only have two sacks through three games and didn't even get one versus UF. The D-line has to step it up if they want to beat Auburn.

Grade: B

Special Teams

They just sucked, can I leave it at that?

Grade: F


This is what lost us the game.

Phil Fulmer, I've always thought you were a good coach, but it's time for you to go. You didn't have this team ready for Florida and that is pathetic. You can't even get a team ready for a game. You didn't have them ready for UCLA either.

It just shows what level of mediocrity you've taken Tennessee to now that AD Mike Hamilton gives you another year on your contract if you get eight wins in a season. Gee, I wonder if he includes another year's supply of Krispy Kreme donuts in there just for you, you tub of lard.

And what the heck was with the play-calling? Throwing it at the one? Do you realize how many UT fans wanted to chop your head off right there on the field?

Also, what was with calling the timeout with 16 seconds left in the first half, wasting 12 or 13 seconds and not giving us the chance for a field goal if we didn't make it in on third down? What were you thinking?

You know how bad it got, Phil? The crowd booed UT off the field at halftime. That didn't even happen when they went 5-6 in 2005 and I can't ever remember that ever happening, or at least ever having the whole crowd boo the Vols off the field.

Here's to hoping you get fired, Phil.

Grade: F

Overall Grade: D


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