WWE: D-Generation X, CM Punk and My Other All-Time Favorite Stables/Tag Teams

Zoe Eyvelisse@@kooleystonerContributor IIFebruary 6, 2011

WWE: D-Generation X, CM Punk and My Other All-Time Favorite Stables/Tag Teams

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    Hey Bleachers and Bleachettes!

    It is Eyve here to give you a slideshow of my favorite and hopefully your favorite WWE tag teams and stables.

    Now we all know the current roster of tag teams in the WWE has clearly no chance of surviving 2011 if Vince doesn't realize this and makes a change quickly.

    As much as I'll be keeping hope alive, as well you should too, I thought I'd put together a little slideshow to remind us of the tag team and stables that kept the Attitude Era and so on alive.

    Please enjoy!

D-Generation X

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    Now, all of you know I cannot go on without mentioning arguably the best stable known to man.

    Some of you may argue this, but I know you will at least admit this stable had some of the best, if not the best, talent the Attitude Era had to offer.

    Triple H, Chyna, X-Pac, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn came on our screens, did what they wanted and if you didn't like it, they had two words for ya!

    SUCK IT!

D-Generation X (Original)

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    Why I felt to do D-Generation X on two separate slides is because Shawn Michaels wasn't too much associated with the new D-Generation X during his absence.

    That's fine because they both were a kick @#! team, but you know what they say, right? The original is always the best.

    Who can forget the pranks HBK and Triple H pulled on Vince McMahon, the Corporation, Sgt. Slaughter and countless others?

New Age Outlaws

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    Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, D-Generation X proudly brings to you, the TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS OF THE WOOOOOOOOORLD! The Road Dogg Jesse James, the Badass Billy Gunn! The New Age Outlaws!

    And of course, if you're not down with that, we got two words for ya!

    SUCK IT!!!!!

    I apologize but you know I had to do it.

Too Cool

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    Now, how could you NOT love these too?

    From the dancing in their entrance, to the dancing when and if they won a match, Too Cool was OVER with the fans. I look back at it now and just laugh at how cheesy their gimmick was, but it worked.

    Up until 2004, they graced our screens, but Grand Master Sexay's drug issues had him released, followed by Scotty's release around 2007. Nonetheless, as cheesy as they were, the two-time tag champs were the best.

    Long live Too Cool!

Hardy Boyz

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    Arguably one of the best tag teams in WWE history, the Hardy Boyz go without explanation (in my next slide, you'll see why I said "one of the best").

    But who would give you high-flying moves off anything they could step on and such diversity in the ring despite their opponents? Yes, the Hardy Boyz.

    The Hardy's would give by far the most exciting match in wrestling history, a TLC match at Wrestlemania 2000, which would be a platform for other matches to follow (or at least, TRY to follow).

    With the addition of Lita, the three of them formed Team Extreme.

    Jeff was released in 2009, and Matt in 2010.

    But do not worry, you can easily see the Hardy brothers together once again in TNA.

Edge and Christian

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    I guess you can now see why I said the Hardy's are one of the best tag teams in WWE history.

    You cannot mention tag teams without acknowledging and remembering the hard work of Canada's finest best friends (and once storyline brothers), Edge and Christian.

    I prefer Christian and Edge because I'm more of a Christian fan, but for the sake of getting bashed by everyone, I'll keep it Edge and Christian. Okay? Okay.

    The Hardy's faced Edge and Christian, along with the Dudley Boyz in that TLC match at Wrestlemania where bodies were everywhere, and things you couldn't even imagine were done with tables, ladders and chairs.

    And who could forget the infamous, if not famous 5-second pose from these two? It was for the benefit of those with flash photography, and I made sure I had my camera each and every night.

    WWE had started these two out as brothers, but for some odd reason, dropped the storyline to bill them as best friends. Either way, when the duo broke up, they had very successful careers, in my opinion.

    As much as we can see they can do their own thing, I still long for those 5-second poses. I know you do.

The Dudley Boyz

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    I for one loved going to Dudleyville, didn't you?

    They may not have been as popular as the Hardy's or Edge and Christian, but they knew how to make their presence known.

    D-Von being the half brother of Bubba, oh and little Spike Dudley, together gave us wood.

    By the way, I meant that in the most non-sexual way.

    The 8-time tag team champs were Team 3D in TNA, but have now disbanded.


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    Before I go on, R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero and Chris Benoit.

    We are losing too much talent, you guys. On a happier note though, I for one was a fan of the Radicalz.

    This was another stable that had tremendous talent.  Although titles don't equal talent, I thought I'd share the stats with you:

    Eddie Guerrero: WWE Champion, Intercontinental Champion and 2-time European Champion

    Chris Benoit: World Heavyweight Champion and 2-time Intercontinental Champion

    Dean Malenko: 2-time Light Heavyweight Champion

    Perry Saturn (although he never really rose to stardom): European Champion and 2-time Hardcore Champion

The Brood

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    Although I never really warmed up to Gangrel, the Brood was my favorite simply because of Edge and Christian.

    They roughly began their careers aligned with Gangrel and eventually branched off.  Gangrel tried to reform the Brood (i.e. the New Brood), but let's just say, it had run its course with Edge and Christian.

    From what I hear, Gangrel is directing adult films, so I wish him the best of luck.

The Holly Cousins

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    Having always been a fan of Hardcore Holly, the on-screen additions of cousins Crash and Molly were only fitting, but they never really rose to popularity as a group (well Hardcore, anyway).

    Crash, being only 5'10", would become the Hardcore Champion an amazing 22 times, Light Heavyweight Champion, European Champion and tag team champs with older cousin Hardcore.

    Another talent lost too early, Crash passed away Nov. 6, 2003. Rest in Peace.

    Molly would eventually set her eyes on the Women's champion, becoming a 2-time champ and even a 1-time Hardcore Champion. She left the company in 2005.

Two-Man Power Trip

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    Triple H and Stone Cold Steve Austin formed the Two-Man Power Trip in 2001.

    Stone Cold, the then-current WWE Champion, and Triple H, the then-current Intercontinental Champion, would practically add all the gold when they won the WWE Tag Team Championships from The Undertaker and Kane at Backlash.

    Although short-lived, The Two-Man Power Trip was one of my favorites. Two of the top athletes in the company wreaking havoc everywhere and taking no names immediately made an impact in my eyes.

Brothers Of Destruction

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    Veteran kayfabe brothers formed the Brothers of Destruction in 2001 and would dominate the tag team division.

    They captured WWE tag team gold on Smackdown in 2001 from Edge and Christian, and they became the official first unified tag team champs when they were both tag team champions, holding WWE and WCW belts.

    After disbanding, they reunited on and off throughout 2006, but would feud with each other in 2010.


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    Rated RKO.

    If that isn't creative and catchy, I don't know what is.

    Despite being tag champs only once, Edge the Ultimate Opportunist teamed up with Randy Orton, and the Legend Killer/The Viper were the real deal.

    They complimented each other's style; both cocky (with a right to be), going after gold no matter what or who was in their way and demanding respect.

    Unfortunately, losing the championships would make them lose their "cool," and before reuniting this year, the two went their separate ways.

Rock and Sock Connection

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    Must I really explain why these two are a favorite of mine?

    Anything with the Rock in it immediately grabs my attention, and the constant wonder about what Mankind (or whatever he's calling himself nowadays) is going to do or who he wants to be that day is why these two worked together.

    They held the WWE Tag Team Championships three times, and you know what they say, three time's a charm.

    Sad to say, both have moved on from the WWE, but these memories are what get me through the days.

The Hart Foundation

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    The original Hart Foundation consisted of Bret Hart and Jim Neidhart, and together they held the WWE Tag Team Championships twice.

    The New Foundation, which consisted of Owen Hart (R.I.P.) and Neidhart, would never hold any tag team gold, but Owen would become the 1994 King of the Ring.

    The New Hart Foundation, consisting of Owen, Bret, The British Bulldog and Brian Pillman would be the second grouping of the family in 1997. Owen and British Bulldog would become tag team champions, which added to numerous other titles the stable held, such as the WWE Championship, Intercontinental Championship and European Championship.

The Hart Dynasty

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    Representing their families' bloodline, I bring you the Hart Dynasty.

    Currently defunct, we saw the pink and black group dominate the Raw roster, eventually becoming the Unified Tag Team champs in 2010 (eventually renamed the WWE Tag Team Championships).

    The beautiful Natalya would serve as their valet, and the three would feud with another tag team family, the Usos (and Tamina), being the fan favorites of the two.

    The Dynasty lost the tag team championships to Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes.  Shortly after, they unfortunately disbanded with Tyson Kidd turning heel, DH Smith jobbing and Natalya embarking on her solo career.

The Usos

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    Okay, let me stop myself from cheesing so much. You guys will never understand why I love the Usos and emphasize "loving" Tamina so much.

    The twin sons of Solofa Fatu (known on screen as Rikishi), Jimmy, Jey and the daughter of Jimmy Snuka, Tamina, debuted on Raw as a heel tag team; very fitting by the way, as they quickly feuded with the Hart Dynasty.

    They stated they were there to dominate and represent their families as well. I, for one LOVED this feud, but it ended prematurely, and we never really got to see the talent the Usos have.

    They have the look, charisma, blood ties and are probably the only hope we have left in keeping the tag team division alive.

    Tamina eventually became face and has become the on-screen girlfriend of Santino Marella, who is one-half of the Tag Team Champions. She is slowly getting over with the fans due to Santino's popularity, but I personally think they should have left her heel.

    But we'll see.

Justin Gabriel and Heath Slater

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    I'll keep this short.

    I only picked this team because of Justin Gabriel. I never really warmed up to Heath Slater, but I have liked Gabriel since his days in FCW.

    I think he should have stayed with CM Punk, but I'd rather see him on Smackdown than not at all.


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    The Legacy was my favorite simply because of Randy Orton. I'll just keep it 100 percent honest.

    I never felt he needed a group (although I didn't mind him tagging with Edge), but if he had to have one, I felt the Legacy was the perfect fit.

    Now I love Orton, DiBiase Jr. is becoming a fave too, but Rhodes? He never rubbed me the right way.

    I will admit though, when he first debuted his Dashing gimmick, I started paying attention, but the fact he doesn't wear knee pads makes me look away.

    They never received any champions together, besides DiBiase and Rhodes being prior tag champs, but their impact was hard to ignore.


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    "The past" (Ric Flair), "The Present" (Triple H) and "The Future" (Orton and Batista) formed Evolution.

    The group started with an idea from Triple H and Vince, who presented it to Ric Flair. He was used as a mentor to younger talents, and when each left the group, they would spread their wings.

    They would eventually disband one by one starting with Randy, Batista and finally Triple H, who turned on Ric Flair.

    Between the group, they held the World Heavyweight Championship (Triple H and Randy Orton), the Tag Team Championship (Batista and Ric Flair) and the Intercontinental Championship (Randy Orton and Ric Flair).

Straight-Edge Society

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    How could I forgot about CM Punk and his Straight Edge Society? Silly, silly me.

    To be honest, anything with CM Punk is bound to catch my attention.

    CM Punk is probably the best on the roster, and I say that including Randy Orton, Drew McIntyre and a few others.

    This team has it all though; the look, the movement in the ring, his God-like promos and soon, he'll have the championship.

    CM Punk = future WWE Champion!

Nation Of Domination

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    Nation of Domination. How could I forget about these guys?

    The Rock, Kama Mustafa (also known as The Godfather), Faarooq and D'Lo Brown. A group full of non-Canadian athletes automatically gets my vote.

    I read that a lot of African American fans hate that there isn't much Black dominance in the WWE and although that might be true, newer fans can go back and read about the Nation of Domination and older fans will never forget. 

The Corporation

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    This was the only good pic I found of the Corporation, so bare with me.

    Why I liked this group is because I always loved a good feud and when they started feuding with The Undertaker, Mankind, Stone Cold Steve Austin, D-Generation X and so on), I was intrigued.

    It consisted of various members, most notably Vince and Shane McMahon, Pat Patterson, Gerald Brisco, Big Bossman, The Rock, Ken Shamrock, The Big Show, Triple H and Chyna, Kane, Test (R.I.P.) and Shawn Michaels.

    The Corporation disbanded in 1999.

Thanks For Reading!

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    Thanks for reading guys!

    I hope you enjoyed my list and of course, if I forgot anyone, leave a comment!

    Stay blessed.