Cris-Tal Clear: Cris Carter Deserves to Be An NFL Hall Of Famer

Louis MustoContributor IIIFebruary 5, 2011

Is anything good enough to get this man into the Hall of Fame?
Is anything good enough to get this man into the Hall of Fame?Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

A three-time Man of the Year winner, third in career receptions, eighth in both career receiving yards and career receiving touchdowns.

Yet—somehow, someway, Cris Carter is still not an NFL Hall of Famer.

The former Minnesota Vikings stud receiver was snubbed of an election into the NFL Hall of Fame for the third straight year since becoming eligible. Widely regarded as one of the greatest wide receivers of all-time, it now appears that Cris Carter could quite possibly never make it, as he will face off against stellar competition every year in fellow receivers Tim Brown and Andre Reed, as well as the future first-balloters.

But how can you keep Cris Carter out of the Hall of Fame?

Carter went to the Pro Bowl for eight consecutive years between 1993 and 2000 while he was a member of the Minnesota Vikings. He was a member of one of the greatest offenses of all-time, playing opposite future Hall of Fame wide receiver Randy Moss. Upon his retirement, he was in second-place in both career receptions and touchdowns for a receiver behind Jerry Rice, arguably the greatest player of all-time.

His numbers are phenomenal and his name is printed all over the NFL record book, but it has still not been enough to get the man who “does nothing but catch touchdowns” into the Hall of Fame.

It’s no secret that the NFL Hall of Fame process is not the most popular process amongst fans and analysts alike. Placed in the hands of know-it-all sportswriters, every players’ hopes and dreams lie in the hands of men and women dealing in vicious politics and favoritism. Sometimes, it’s a popularity contest rather than an honest judgment of a man’s spectacular career and ultimately, numerous men are forced to sit and wait another year to see what happens—men like Cris Carter, who has been three seasons now in hopes of making to the Hall.

Three seasons now of disappointment, being denied recognition for the greatness he accomplished on the football field. Greatness he accomplished long before Randy Moss and Daunte Culpepper ever came rolling into town. Carter did not need them to be great, in fact, you can argue that he made them great.

Unfortunately, none of that matters. Nothing Cris Carter accomplished in his career has mattered enough to the Hall of Famers to let him be enshrined amongst his peers.

None of that matters, because the NFL Hall of Fame process is a popularity contest, and this is one contest in which Cris Carter cannot score.