WWE and TNA Free: The 10 Best Feuds From When ECW Was Great

Donald Wood@@Donald_WoodFeatured ColumnistFebruary 5, 2011

WWE and TNA Free: The 10 Best Feuds From When ECW Was Great

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    When watching WWE or TNA today, a person can’t help but feel like wrestling is not what it once was.

    When you see the product out now, you can’t help but think of the classic matches of yesteryear.

    As someone from Philadelphia, I was fortunate enough to be around for the rise of ECW.

    There has been nothing like ECW since its rise and even ECW itself became a shell. 

    The following list is comprised of the 10 best feuds from the classic ECW.  Enjoy!

Cactus Jack Vs. Shane Douglas

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    “Franchise” Shane Douglas was one of the best wrestlers to grace the ECW ring.  His wrestling skills were good, but the way he handled a microphone made him a legend.

    The only man who could out-crazy any wrestler in ECW was Cactus Jack (Mick Foley for the children).  Not only was Cactus Jack as good on the microphone as Douglas, he was better.

    The two faced off for the Heavyweight title and in tag matches for several years, but the pure feud between Cactus Jack and Franchise lasted a good two years.  It was a great time for wrestling.

Raven Vs. Sandman

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    Raven was a wild card in the sense that you could never tell what he was going to do, but you knew it was going to be crazy.  Before he sold out, he made a name for himself in ECW.

    Sandman was a crowd favorite in Philadelphia and at beer distributors across the city.  He feared no pain and wrestled drunk on a regular basis.

    This feud was one of the most graphic, vile feuds in wrestling history. 

The Dudley Boyz Vs. The Gangstas

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    There was nothing technical or classy going on in the ring during a match between the Dudley Boyz and the Gangstas.

    Theses wrestlers were the most brutal of the bunch.  All were willing to bleed, and bleed they did.  Criminal records aside, they were dangerous in the ring.

    This feud was one of the bloodiest in ECW history and saw more tables smashed, arenas trashed, and faces thrashed than any other.

Mike Awesome Vs Masato Tanaka

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    Mike Awesome and Masato Tanaka weren’t the best wrestlers in ECW and their stays weren’t filled with great matches.  They both had good careers, but the feud with each other was one of the best.

    These two wrestlers had some of the best matches in ECW history and the match in the video is one of the best matches ever to have taken place under the ECW logo. 

    They brought the best out of each other and their styles meshed so well that they seemed to be designed to fight each other.

The Eliminators vs The Pitbulls

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    As far as tag-team matches go in ECW, this was my favorite of all time. 

    The matchup paired up some of the most technically sound wrestlers who also possessed amazing power and no fear. 

    Perry Saturn destroyed his shoulder in a cage match during this feud and the two teams left each other in shambles on many occasions. 

    The Eliminators still have the greatest tag-team move in wrestling history with the Total Elimination.

RVD Vs. Jerry Lynn

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    Rob Van Dam could be the best wrestler to ever grace ECW.  He was great on the microphone and has the crowd behind him even when he was a heel.

    One of the only wrestlers to ever be able to go toe to toe with RVD skill-set wise was Jerry Lynn.

    The feud came at the end of the great ECW times but it was so high flying and dangerous that it needs to be seen.  The two feared nothing and would dive and flip off or onto anything.

Tazz Vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

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    Before both became stars in the big time wrestling organizations, they graced the small stage of ECW.

    Tazz was a maniac during his time with ECW and Bam Bam matched his aggressiveness with a brutal attack that made this feud one of the best.

    Tazz put Bam Bam though a stage and the ring, and the matches between this two were instant classics.  Whether or not there was true animosity, it seemed real, and that made it all the more convincing. 


Sabu vs. Terry Funk

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    “Texas” Terry Funk came to ECW with nothing to prove.  He was a longtime NWA star and he was already a legend.

    What he did in ECW was unnecessary and unbelievable.  Funk feuded everyone, but the feud with Sabu resulted in the best match in ECW history.

    During a barbed-wire match, the two wrestlers destroyed themselves in what is known as one of the wildest moments in ECW history.

Brian Lee Vs. Tommy Dreamer

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    I think this feud was as memorable as it is because this was the high point in each wrestler's ECW career.

    “Primetime” Brian Lee and Tommy Dreamer brutalized each other for years and must have cause millions in property damage.

    The two wrestlers really brought the best out of each other and made the fans feel like they really hated each other. 

    The best part of these matches was the fact that they fought in the crowd for three quarters of the time.

RVD Vs. Sabu

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    Sabu and Rob Van Dam trained together under the original Sheik, who was Sabu’s uncle.

    The two knew each other very well and didn’t feud right away.  They were part of one of the greatest pairings ever but with great teams come great conflicts.

    Their matches were brutal and the moves the two would try, they wouldn’t try on anyone but each other. 

    They trusted each other and that made for some of the wildest matches in the history of wrestling.