Cristiano Ronaldo to Chelsea the Biggest Transfer Shock Ever?

Andrew McNairSenior Writer ISeptember 20, 2008

Cristiano Ronaldo was in the news all summer with plenty of speculation surrounding his potential move to Real Madrid. Apparently the possibility of a move is still on next summer, but what if he didn't surface in Madrid but in London?

Would a move to Chelsea be the biggest transfer shock of all time?

It would definitely be for the biggest transfer fee ever!

I'm sure we'll get all the it'll never happen comments but how many said that Luis Figo would leave Barcelona for Real Madrid or that Mo Johnstone would one day cross the Glasgow divide and sign for Rangers? And those were the so called "loyal" days of professional football.

Ronaldo has played under Phil Scolari for Portugal for years. The Chelsea boss has also said he'd welcome the Man United star should he fancy a change of scenery.

Scolari may just have been responding to Sir Alex Ferguson's mind games, but it all adds to the speculation.

We already know he wants a change and London might well be right up his street. The last summer has already shown that the Portuguese player has no loyalty and I therefore could see it happening.

If he hinted at a move to Chelsea then the Blues would find the money.

Speaking of transfer speculation, what about John Terry to Manchester City for £200,000 a week?

At first I'd say, are you crazy? He'd never leave Chelsea for Manchester City but this is modern day football and money talks.

I'd play anywhere for £200,000 a week and I'm not a greedy pro footballer!

Terry to City might even trump Ronaldo to Chelsea!

Football, it's a funny old game!