When Fans Cross The Line: Mocking Tragedies Has No Place Here

Matt BinksCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2008

I recently wrote an article entitled 10 reason to hate Manchester United. It was intented as a lighthearted joke, for amusement purposes. Some of my reasons included Gary Neville and the song "glory glory Man United".

I got a lot of comments which were widely expected—I was bitter, I was jealous, I was Scouse, so therefore, I was thick. I have these time and time again and they do not bother me. As a United fan you have the right to accuse me of being jealous, just like I can accuse you of jealousy becasue of our five European cups.

The fact is, when you think about it hard, we are both right. We are jealous of each other. We wouldnt be where we are in the footballing world if we weren't.

This banter is the reason I wrote the article, to stimulate interest.

Instead I appear to have brought out the one reason why I really do hate Manchester United—and Liverpool too.

A unknown writer (to me) responded to my article with nine reasons to hate Liverpool. Eight of these were fine—and one of them poked fun at the Hillsborough disaster. I was called a lot of things on my own articles comments board, none of which offended me.... And then somebody wrote 96 was not enough. Referring of course to those who died.

You people have no place in football, you have no place on the Bleacher report. Do you find families dying in fires amusing? Did you find the aids epidemic a bit of a laugh?

Some Liverpool fans are just as bad. I am well aware that Munich songs have been sung at Anfield. This shames me, and my reply is the same. You have no place in football. You are scum.

If I thought my article was going to stimulate this sort of response I would not have bothered. You really are fucking dickheads if you think that the majority of the people on here want to read the bile and shit coming out of your mouth.

This applies to Man U fans, to Liverpool fans, to everybody. Tragedy has nothing to do with football, leave your hatred and ignorance in the miserable little world you have created for yourself.