Torrie, Tammy, and Trish: Oh My! Seven WWE Divas That We Miss on Monday Nights

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Torrie, Tammy, and Trish: Oh My! Seven WWE Divas That We Miss on Monday Nights
Dave Sandford/Getty Images
Ah, Trish. We wish you'd come back to Monday nights!

Never let your non-wrestling friends chastise you for watching a sport where grown men roll around in their underwear for your entertainment. As most true fans can attest, the larger-than-life heroes of World Wrestling Entertainment deliver more passion, drama, intensity, and athleticism than most other forms of entertainment—take that, wrestling haters!

But any discussion detailing why wrestling is so great would be remiss if you didn't mention the Divas of professional wrestling. The WWE has hired a plethora of women over the years who have kicked major league butt while looking fabulous doing it. There's something mesmerizing about watching a beautiful woman destroy a muscle-bound monster with a well-placed kick to a sensitive region. As painful as it would be, you can't help but think to yourself... "Yeah, I could go for that."

Today, the WWE has a ton of Divas on their roster: some, like Natalya for instance, are pretty great workers in their own right. Nonetheless, a lot of today's female roster lacks a bit of the pizazz that it used to have. Maybe it's because the roster is so large today? Perhaps all those names simply blur together over time, making it difficult for anyone to stand out?

Whatever the case, the Internet allows us to return to yesteryear and remember some of our favorite WWE Divas. Here are seven lovely ladies that we sorely miss seeing in Vince McMahon's WWE!

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