Top Five TNA Wrestlers Wasting Away

Kevin WilliamsCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2008

With in the past two years or so, Total Nonstop Action wrestling has made the decision to push former WWE talent ahead of their own home grown talent. This has led to some turmoil backstage, and has left many wrestlers in the back wondering when they will get their shot at some gold. Here is my opinion on the top five wrestlers wasting away in the TNA locker room, while former WWE talent get an immediate push to the top.

5. Christopher Daniels

We all know that he is the hot and spicy Curryman, but this character has brought Christopher Daniels back about one hundred years. Christopher Daniels was a contender for the NWA belt when feuding with A.J. Styles a few years back. They had arguably the best rivalry in TNA history. Then him and A.J. became Tag Team Champions. After their split, Daniels became the X Division champ, and now he is stuck as the Curryman character.

Gone are the days when he was the Fallen Angel. Now he is a member of the Prince Justice Brotherhood, a Justice League rip-off in my opinion, and he is doing nothing significant, except searching for lost rings and judging evening gown competitions. I don't think the Curryman character will last more than another six months, and I expect to see the Fallen Angel back soon.

4. Abyss

After the end of his feud with James Mitchell and his face turn, there is really no where for Abyss to go. I believe that the same thing that happened to Kane is going to happen to Chris Parks. Kane really hasn't done anything noteworthy since the late '90s. Yes, he has held a few belts here and there, but his role in WWE today is definitely not as big as it once was.

TNA has Abyss going the same route as Kane. At first, he was this indestructible force, and he even managed to win the NWA belt. Now he has turned face, and seems to be stuck in his current position. Instead of throwing his enemies on to thumbtacks, he pulls out his hair, and gives it to the likes of Matt Morgan and Karen Angle as a show of friendship.

I don't even think that a heel turn can help the Abyss character. I don't see much of a future for Abyss in TNA after this current angle with Matt Morgan.

3. Petey Williams

After Team Canada disbanded, I thought Petey Williams would receive a huge push from the TNA creative team. Williams is popular with the fans, and has probably the most popular finishing move in TNA, the Canadian Destroyer. Instead, Petey became an insignificant character for a while.

Then the Feast or Fired came up, and Petey received the briefcase with the shot at the TNA World Title. I thought this was the push we were waiting for, but I was wrong. Since then, Petey has become Maple Leaf Muscle. He cut his hair, died it, and looks like how Scott Steiner would if he wasn't on steroids.

Until last Sunday, Petey was the X Division champ, but that belt has become insignificant in the TNA ranks. Only time will tell if Petey will get the push he deserves.

2. Lance Hoyt

For some reason, I am very high on Lance Hoyt. He is a good wrestler, and has a diverse repetoire for a big man, often times attempting moves that other big men shy away from. With that said, I think that, if used properly, Hoyt could be a top face or heel in the company.

I thought his heel turn with Christy Hemme would be positive at first, but then they brought Jimmy Rave in to the equation, and now Lance "Rock" is one half of, quite possibly, the stupidest tag team to ever grace the TNA ring. Hopefully, after his days of "infecting" the fans are over, Hoyt will get a push, and become a top star in TNA.

1. Bobby Roode

If TNA was still going in the same direction that it was when i first tuned ino TNA, then Bobby Roode would be the champion right now. Especially after the break up of Team Canada, a feud for the belt between him and Petey Williams seems like a good idea. Sadly, Roode is now in the Beer Money Inc. tag team. although they are the tag team champions.

I feel that Roode is above this by now, but must take a backseat while Kurt Angle, Christian, Booker T., and other WWE talent are in the title hunt. WWE might look to sign Roode once his contract expires in Spring of 2009.