WWE Elimination Chamber: Who Will Replace Dolph Ziggler In Smackdown's Match?

Buzz M.@@KingofbuzzersAnalyst IFebruary 19, 2011

Will we ever see them together again?
Will we ever see them together again?

Hello, Buzzers, Buzz is back.

The last Smackdown episode before Elimination Chamber is now over and we're only one night away from Sunday night's pay-per-view.

The end of this week's 600th episode had a huge surprise when Smackdown's GM, Theodre Long, returned after a three week hiatus. 

During this blue brand edition, Ziggler was crowned as the new World Heavyweight Champion by Vickie Guerrero in a World Title coronation ceremony that was interrupted by Long. It only took Guerrero few minutes before she admitted that her boyfriend was the one who attacked the Samckdown GM after all.

Teddy quickly rehired Edge, who was fired earlier that night, and booked him in a rematch against Ziggler. After the match that ended with Edge regaining his stolen title, Long shocked the Samackdown fans and fired the former World Champion, Ziggler

Now I know that many people are wondering about the stipulations here and whether we should consider Edge as 11-time World Champion and Ziggler as a former World Champion or not. However, this issue can be saved for another day and another article as I'm thinking about something else right now.

We all know that Ziggler was supposed to be part of Smackdown's Elimination Chamber match this Sunday with five other contenders. But now that he's fired, we have an empty spot left in the match.

Of course, this will now lead to many questions about the superstar who will replace Ziggler in the match. I think we do have several names to expect and I'll try to speculate the replacement.

Dolph Ziggler

This might not be a surprise. Sure Teddy Long fired him but Ziggler could be able to find a loophole and regain his spot at the chamber match. I'm not sure about this, but don't be surprised to see him return. However, I think that his absence might last longer than that.

Jack Swagger

Unfortunately for the All-American American, it seems that his days as a top contender for the World Title have gone for now. He might need several months before we expect to see him back on top.

He had the chance to be part of the Chamber match and lost to Rey Mysterio. I won't discuss the chances of seeing him because I don't really believe that he has any. I just mentioned him because WWE had his name in their poll.

Alberto Del Rio

Honestly speaking, I don't want to see this. Alberto Del Rio is already scheduled to face Kofi Kingston at this PPV, but that's not the reason I don't want him to be part in this match.

Del Rio is this year's Royal Rumble winner so he shouldn't get a World Title shot before WrestleMania. I don't want to see this spot wasted like they did with Cena three years ago when he used his World Title shot at No Way Out instead of waiting until 'Mania.

The winner of the Rumble match gets a chance to headline WrestleMania and not any PPV he chooses. The Royal Rumble has always been referred to as the event where the road to WrestleMania begins so I hope they keep the tradition and not ruin it again.

Other than this, I would have liked to see the Mexican aristocrat in this match.

Kofi Kingston

Hadn't he been booked in a match against Alberto Del Rio, I would have considered him a possible contender in this match but with slight chances only.

The current Intercontinental Champion seems to be lost in the shuffle lately, despite showing some impressive skills in the ring against different opponents. I'm glad to see him involved in a feud against Del Rio, but I'm not sure if he'll benefit from this rivalry.

Anyway, I don't really think he'll be part of the match unless he beats Del Rio, which might be a good excuse for him to join the Chamber match. However, I just don't see this happening.

Big Show

Why not? He's been on a monstrous run since the first day he was drafted to Smackdown. Ezekiel Jackson might be the only man who was able to put him down lately, but that didn't harm him a lot until now. Last night, we all saw how the largest athlete in the world stormed the ring and cleared the ring from all Corre members in less than one minute. Jackson decided to stay outside the ring after this and avoid facing the giant.

Big Show lost against Wade Barret two weeks ago in the Elimination Chamber qualifying match after some help from Corre members. So this could be his best chance to seek revenge.

We already expect Corre members to try and help their teammate, Barret, during the match, so this might only lead to another confrontation between Show and Jackson.

Cody Rhodes

Honestly speaking, I think that he has high chances of replacing Ziggler in the match. I mean we're only six weeks away from WrestleMania and it seems that the "Dashing" one is on his way to feud with Rey Mysterio.

A few weeks ago, the master of 619 broke Rhodes nose (kayfabe) during their match. Cody had to take some time off due to this injury, and it was said that he underwent a successful facial reconstruction.

We had the chance to see him on Smackdown this week. In a short interview with Todd Grisham, Rhodes appeared while wearing a plastic mask and made it clear that he'll be back soon to address the fans about what happened to him lately.

As I said, it's obvious that Rhodes will be feuding with Mysterio on the road to WrestleMania, so his appearance at the Elimination Chamber match might be the best time to further push this feud.

Even though, he might not be the superstar to replace Ziggler, but I do think that he'll make an appearance and maybe cost Mysterio the match.


I don't know if he's ready to compete, but it will definitely be great to see Captain Charisma back in the WWE. Say whatever you want about him, but this could be a good chance for him to interact with his former partner, Edge.

I think that he will come out to a big ovation if it turns out to be him.

Will he win the World Title if he returns? I don't think so.

Will this lead to a triple-threat match at WrestleMania featuring Edge, Del Rio and Christian? I'm not sure.

I guess I'll stop reading into things and just wait for this to happen instead.

Other options

Who do you think will join other than the names mentioned above?

Could it be a Corre member? I doubt it because Wade Barrett said himself that he's representing the group in the match.

Could it be the Undertaker? But what about the 2.21.11 promo? Some people are still thinking that it might not be him, but I'll have to disagree with them. And even if the promo is referring to someone else, the Phenom will definitely be part of it one way or another.

How about Chavo Guerrero? He looked good in the Royal Rumble match, but he was squashed by Kane in the Chamber qualifying match two weeks ago. I don't think that we'll ever see him in such matches.

So what do you think? Who will replace Ziggler in the match? Will it be one of the names I mentioned? Or will we see a surprise appearance by someone else. Only time will tell us.

That's all for now, folks. All thoughts and comments are welcome.


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