Back From The Grave: MMA The Way I See It

Jason FouchaAnalyst ISeptember 20, 2008

Well guys It has been a long time since I've written, and so I thought I'd share a photo of me from the spider hole the army found me in.

First off and let me say that I quit writing because I had grown tired of seeing 30 articles over the same subject from people and it just got reduntant trying to write, and then seeing eight other people write the same thing that day, and it became more about writing to keep my ranking up, than writing about what I actually wanted to write about.

So, let me start off with a recap of some of my views, and then we will jump into the future and my predictions.


The Past

Believe it or not my last article was in July, the week after the Affliction/Fight Night debacle. So lets catch up from there.

Forrest Griffin is the new Light Heavyweight champ. Now, I don't believe he won this fight, I also don't think he did enough to win it. I honestly would have preferred a draw and a second matchup right away.

Patrick Cote/Ricardo Almeida was a disappointment, both in my opinion were too cautious because they both wanted a title fight.

I picked Fitch, and of course GSP proved why he is great. But I must say, I only picked one fight right on that whole show, and my dad picked everyone right. Embarassing Moment No. 1. Moment No. 2, being the only guy at Buffalo Wild Wings to cheer for Jon Fitch when they introduced him...ya....awkward....

I picked Rashard to win, sorry but I'm not blinded my Chuck-maina like my buddies, who believe that Chuck is one step under Jesus Christ himself.

Nate Marquardt, I have always, always been a huge fan, since his USA vs Canada card match, but I in no way thought he would dismantle Kampmann that quickly.

Rich Franklin, his inability to beat Silva really overshines his greatness, because I had serious doubts about him bulking up to fight Hamill.


The Present/Future

Elite XC has now shown why they will never be the No. 1 company in the MMA world. Not giving us Brett Rodgers/Kimbo, and instead giving him Ken "The Worlds Most Dangerous Tin Can" Shamrock.

Also, shame on Elite XC for stripping Noons of the title. I, for one, am a huge Noons fan, and believe he has been wronged. However, if he wants to be an MMA fighter, he should pursue MMA and not try and do boxing as well.

If they wanted to have Diaz be No. 1 contender, that's fine, but I would have wanted to see Diaz/Rua before Diaz/Noons to see who the real No. 1 contender is.

The UFC in my opinion should have stripped Couture before having this Heavyweight Title "Tournament." This takes away all point of this season's Ultimate Fighter, and makes their "Title" match basically a No. 1 contenders match.

What they should have done is make Big Nog the champ after Couture had not competed for one year, which will happen before he fights Lesnar. That way there is one heavyweight title, and not two.

The UFC is killing me with this two great cards on back to back saturdays. I want to see both, but I am a waitier as I've stated before, and getting 2 saturdays off in a row, is nearly impossible.

UFC 90. This card is so ridiculous it is not even funny. When Tyson Griffin/Sean Sherk is your opening match, you know you have a stacked card. Then again, why does it always seam like Tyson Griffin is the opening fight? Am I the only one noticing this?

BJ Penn/GSP 2. Super Bowl Weekend......I have already requested off. I'm not even kidding. The UFC Saturday/Super Bowl Sunday weekend is by far my favorite weekend of the year. I don't even know if I remember the last one, its all one big blur to me.


The Closing

Well guys, I'm back around, and I think I might stay for a while this time, we will see how it goes. And for the record, I will have to say I agree with the guy who picked Sambo as the best style suited for MMA. Striking/JiuJitsu in one art. Kind of a no brainer.