Josh Howard: The New Mr. Irrelevant

Justin ZuckerCorrespondent ISeptember 20, 2008

By now everyone knows the story.  If you don't, open up a new tab and search his name.  There are countless articles and video clips of the incident. 

Now that you are back, let's break this down.  This child is ignorant.  Actually, that may be offensive to the other ignoramuses of the world, and to children as well.  I apologize.  He is beyond ignorant. 

Josh Howard has every right to his opinion.  That is one of the fabulous rights that this country provides.  I am not attacking his opinion.  Josh Howard has a right to be angry at our country.  Every one has that right.  He has a right to voice his displeasure.  He has a right to protest. 

He even has a right to burn the flag. 

But he chose to voice his displeasure, like a coward, to some handheld camera during our national anthem at a charity event.  He obviously didn't think it would get out.  Silly, simple child.  This is the digital age—everything gets out and everything is accessible.

Are you upset?  Stand up (you have the venue) and say you are upset.  Tell us why Josh Howard is upset.  But you didn't do that.  You spoke for an entire race.  By the way, you don't know why you are upset, do you?  It's okay, you can admit it now.

Here is a child who spoke for all black people in the U.S.  He is black so he doesn't "celebrate that [expletive]".  Now that is par for the course with this fool.  A man making millions by playing a game.  Nothing more than an entertainer who rakes in money and reaps the benefits of this country. 

I wonder how all of the other black athletes feel about that comment?  My first inclination was that I hoped I would see numerous black athletes condemn his statement.  Now I don't.  I want what I have seen so far.  Silence.

How do the black men and women of our Armed Services feel about that comment?  "I am black so I don't celebrate that [expletive]".  How many black men and women died in the name of that [expletive]?  How must that feel in their stomachs, an ignorant child speaking on behalf of an entire race, while they sit and think about their brothers and sisters who have died on the field of battle, so he is able to reap all of the rewards that this great country has to offer. 

I wonder why this child feels that he has the right to speak on behalf of an entire race?  But I don't want to hear those heroes say it, they are so much better than him.  I hope I know exactly what they think.  I hope it is nothing short of resentment.  But I wish for silence.

I also hoped that I would hear countless fans booing him.  But now I think that is too good for him.  I think that is an acknowledgement that he is relevant.  I want him to be irrelevant.  You can make him irrelevant.  Don't cheer.  Don't boo.  Don't buy his jersey.  Certainly do not buy your child his jersey.

A child such as this craves attention.  Don't give in.  Let him fade away.  The only way that the NBA exiles this fool is when he becomes a liability.  When he can't help his team win, and most of all, when he no longer generates revenue.  

Silence is golden.

Off you go, you small man.  Be gone.