Sharif Bogere: The Lion Will Be Back In Action On March 4th

edgar solorzano@edgarsolorzano2Contributor IIIFebruary 4, 2011

Ugandan lightweight Sharif "The Lion" Bogere (18-0, 11 KO's), one of the hottest prospects, will be back in action on March 4th at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio, California. 

Sharif is an exciting talented fighter that has the speed, power and confidence to be a great champion in the sport of boxing. He is coming off a unanimous decision victory over Christopher Fernandez (19-11-1, 12 KO's).

Fight-fans, if you enjoy watching exciting fighters with speed; Sharif is the perfect fighter to keep an eye on, since lions always give an exciting battle and never surrender. Sharif Bogere is a strong confident lion; the type of lion that would give an ancient Roman gladiator serious problems in the coliseum.

I recently interviewed Sharif; in his interview, he told me how he got his boxing name and other great interesting things.

And now I will like to respectfully present my interview with Sharif "The Lion" Bogere.



Edgar Solorzano: Hey Sharif, how's boxing going?

Sharif Bogere: Thanks for asking, boxing is going really good and I'm so thankful to God I have a good team.

Edgar Solorzano: Growing up, who was your favorite fighter or who's your favorite fighter of all time?

Sharif Bogere: Growing up, I didn't know much about boxing history. All I knew was Mike Tyson and I don't think I have a favorite fighter. I like a lot of different fighters and different styles.

Edgar Solorzano: Is there anything special you wear or do before a fight?

Sharif Bogere: I pray to God before and after the fight.

Edgar Solorzano: How did you get the name "The Lion?"

Sharif Bogere: I got it from my fighting style.

Edgar Solorzano: Where do you see yourself two years from now?

Sharif Bogere: If all dreams come through; I will be a world champion.

Edgar Solorzano: When are you going to be back in the ring, and where?

Sharif Bogere: I will be back on March 4th at Fantasy Springs Casino in Indio, California.

Edgar Solorzano: Who will you be facing?

Sharif Bogere: I don't know yet.

Edgar Solorzano: What's your advice to the young warriors who are trying to make it in the sport of Boxing?

Sharif Bogere: To listen to their elders/trainers and have: respect, discipline, and work hard and pray to God. Keep dreaming and they will make it the top.

Edgar Solorzano: Well Sharif, thanks for taking your time for this interview. I wish you good luck and a successful boxing career.

Sharif Bogere: Thanks brother and good luck in your career too.