WWE Universe: What If the WWE Could Fool Us All Just One More Time?

Freddy DollContributor IFebruary 4, 2011

Could Vince McMahon fool us on more time?
Could Vince McMahon fool us on more time?Mark A. Wallenfang/Getty Images

World Wrestling Entertainment used to fool people all the time. Before the days of the Internet, they could pull off some incredible storylines a well as debuts. The world now has evolved and with the Internet, most moves that the WWE makes often end up on a website somewhere. The WWE used to spend time trying to convince us that everything was real. Now they seem to have embraced that people know it's fake and they lean more heavily on the storyline side rather than the wrestling.

Growing up in the 90s, I got to live through the best time of wrestling. What made wrestling so great back then? Simple, the Monday Night War. Having WCW around was a win-win for wrestling fans. I will argue this with anyone. The best part was that if WWE was lagging on Raw, you could simply switch to Nitro for more wrestling action. Besides, having competition made both companies better.

So what if we could get that back? What if the WWE could make it happen? Could the WWE fool us all one more time?

The WWE runs several developmental territories. Florida Championship Wrestling is the main hub for developing talent. When training talent the easiest part is teaching them how to wrestle. The harder part is teaching them how to do promos and how to work TV.

I was watching an old Shawn Michaels interview and at the time he was running his own promotion. He was mainly using it as a school to help people get into the business. He was offered a local TV deal and said that it would be huge in the development of his wrestlers.

TV work is harder because things are on a stricter time limit. Also promos have to be perfect, you're not only in front of a live crowd but also in front of millions of home viewers.

So what if there was a way for the WWE to get their developing talent on TV and give fans back a Monday night war? Below is how i propose you do it.

Step 1: Finding a Leader and Reviving a Brand

Best way to create a buzz would be for the WWE to "sell" the rights to WCW. This would create a frenzy amongst wrestling fans. WWE would have to come up with a good reason for the sale but I'm sure they could pull that off.

The most important part of pulling this off is finding someone who they could "sell" to that would be hard to link to WWE. Remember, the key to making this work is for it to look as legit as possible. Paperwork would all have to appear legit, and the WWE would have to make it hard for rumor websites to dig and undo their plot.

This "sale" would have to happen months before you put the new WCW on TV. Also prior to this sale, the WWE should make their FCW territory go completely dark. No events, no website, no nothing just shut it completely down. Claim they are downsizing and trying to cut losses.

After the "sale," you could continue to create buzz by having WCW sign people to deals. Once they start to fill their roster out, it would be time for WCW to hit the road and do some house shows. Get their name and new look out there to the fans.

Step 2: Roster Issues

Obviously it would look suspicious if all of a sudden all the FCW wrestlers were signed with WCW. Plus the WWE couldn't just send some of their stars over there. WWE would have to bring in some new talent for WCW. Cutting some mid-level wrestlers from the WWE roster would be good as well, for example it would be your CM Punk or Daniel Bryan type wrestler. People with cult following but people would also look legit if you cut them.

Mix new talent with mid-level stars and then start slowly mixing in the FCW people. Before you know it, the WCW will start to fill out and you can start to put on the house shows as I mentioned earlier. You would also want to keep announcing signings. If you could land a couple big stars on WCW you could really create a buzz. Imagine if you heard that someone like Goldberg was going to be re-joining WCW.

Step 3: House Shows

Very important to get the talent out to the fans. If signing went right and the news was delivered correctly, it wouldn't be hard to sell tickets. Put on some really good house shows, make it appeal to a different type of fan, meaning WCW can't go the same PG direction that WWE is going. WCW would have to have their own identity and own creative style.

If everything up to this point has gone as planned, it's time to start looking for a TV deal. Plus, it has to be known that WCW is looking to get back on TV.

Step 4: TV Deal

Well before a TV deal is signed, it has to be known the WCW is looking for a deal. To create more news you could even make it known that WCW is looking to take back Monday night. Raw still gets good ratings so I don't think it would be hard to find a TV station that is looking for a weekly show that could draw people in. This is when you would have to make sure that videos were getting put out while doing house shows. Let people that couldn't make it to the shows see what they were missing.

This is the time that the WCW website should be in full force. Everything needs to appear as if WCW is making a full comeback. Very important that once on TV WCW remains different from WWE. WCW's stories, appearance and overall attitude has to be separate from WWE's.

Step 5: What About the Money?

I know everyone is thinking about the money involved. Yes, it is going to cost WWE a nice chunk of money to put everything together. New set, ring, ring aprons, ref outfits, the whole nine yards. The thing is, if this goes smooth, the WCW will pay for itself in no time.

Take a closer look, you would have DOUBLE ticket sales every Monday. You would also have two companies worth of merchandise sales. Not to mention house show money for two companies, and once WCW got big you could get DOUBLE pay-per-view money every month.

If the WWE put the time and money into making the WCW look legit, the possibility for profit is endless.

Wrestling fans this would be awesome to get back. TNA failed at trying to give us back the Monday night war. WWE has the money and power to do it.


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