Roger Mayweather Insists Manny Pacquiao Is on Performance-Enhancing Drugs

Leo ReyesAnalyst IFebruary 3, 2011

Roger Mayweather and Floyd Mayweather, Jr.
Roger Mayweather and Floyd Mayweather, Jr.Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s uncle and trainer Roger Mayweather, who is also a former professional boxer, continues to accuse Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao of taking performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) even as his nephew recently announced he is done with boxing.

Asked what changes he would do if he was training Manny Pacquiao, Roger Mayweather said in an interview by Chris Robinson of Boxing Scene:

"The change I would make, you don't want to know. Take that sh*t out of his body and do it like a fighter is supposed to do. I know he got something in him. He knows it too. I know there is proof. Because you know why? Any time a guy is getting 50 million dollars, and he don't want to take a test a couple days before the fight and then after the fight he has to take another test."

"Why he don't want to take a test? I aint got to tell you what's wrong. Anybody can see what's wrong with that. The way boxing works, you take a test a day before the fight and a day after the fight and that's it."

On the upcoming Pacquiao-Mosley fight, "I heard they told Mosley 'You're going to have to take a test'. Let me ask you something. If Mosley got to take a test, don't they both have to take a test? They both have to take a test."

Roger went on to add: "But here he is fighting a motherf@#ker and he won't take the test himself. That's why him and my nephew never fought, because he didn't want to take the test himself. He said he would take a test five days out. Who in the hell would do that? Ain't no such thing as taking a test five days out for a five. You can take the test the day before the fight, that's it. The rest of that stuff don't mean nothing."

On Floyd's fight plans, Roger said: "Obviously he might fight Pacquiao but he needs to have a tune up fight along the way. He's not active enough to actually be considered. If he's active enough, he won't have a problem in the world."

Meanwhile, Pacquiao's promoter Bob Arum disputed Mayweather's earlier statement that nobody reached out to him or his manager Al Haymon during the last negotiations.

Arum on Wednesday called that absurd. "We not only reached out, we had a full negotiation with (HBO Sports President) Ross Greenburg being the intermediary with Al Haymon back before the Margarito fight. And that came to nothing. And I assume Haymon advised Floyd that we were negotiating the fight through Greenburg. But (saying) we didn't reach out to Haymon was total nonsense, USA Today reports.

"As far as Floyd is concerned, we've attempted to reach him without any success. He knows where we are. And none of his people have ever called us. The idea that we haven't reached out is absurd. … We've gotten no calls from him. …"

"Why the hell should we reach out to Al Haymon when they have constantly said that they're not interested in fighting? Let them call us. … I'm not going to reach out to them like I'm chasing them. But if they said to a responsible newspaper or somebody responsible, 'We want to fight Manny Pacquiao,' I would make the call."

In a related development Arum announced the details of the Pacquiao-Mosley fight press tour and the chances of Manny Pacquiao meeting with US president Barack Obama at the White House.

"We haven't heard back from the White House, but it looks good. But we will Senate, we're definitely doing. The president obviously has a lot of things on his plate."

He said there is going to be a press conference at the office of US Majority Floor Leader Harry Reid and that Pacquiao will be brought to the floor of the US Senate.

The New York leg of the press tour will take place at the Chelsea Pier on February 14. The promotional blitz will bring the Pacquiao and Mosley entourage to New York, Washington, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas, Nevada