BCS Playoffs? I'm Just Hoping for a Pac-10 Championship...

Bryan GoldbergSenior Writer IJanuary 7, 2008

Alright, now that the "Big Game" is finally over, we can spend time between now and the NFL Draft talking about how this is finally the year in which fans get fed up with all of this BCS nonsense.

It is interesting that many people have "finally had it" after Ohio State and LSU's championship bids. Considering they are two of the absolute strongest programs that we have seen over the last few years and, in the opinion of this Pac-10 fan, as good as any.

Yet the fans of all respectable conferences are demanding "change."

Why would the NCAA embrace a complete overhaul of the system?  When the problem can be addressed so simply.

Nobody is serious about fixing the problem until all of the conferences, including my own beloved Pac-10, have instituted Conference Championships.

Comparing teams in conferences that do have championships, to teams in those that do not is no better than the proverbial "apples vs. oranges" cliche.

The math concerning this matter is actually quite simple. So simple in fact, that a 2nd grader could figure it out:

1. The USC Trojans finished the season 10 - 2.

2. The LSU Tigers finished the season 11 - 2.

3. Thus, if we have to pick only one of them, we pick the LSU Tigers.

For those sports fanatics out there who will answer with "Team A defeated Team B, and Team B won against Team C" nonsense," please save your time.

I do not care how many contrived excuses you can conjure up. Winning an additional game, against a highly ranked conference rival, is better than all of the "my conference is better than your conference" words that you can institute.

Because Actions are greater than Words.  Would I be a biased Pac-10 fan if I said that we are a better conference than the Big 12? No way.

But if it came down to it, I would have placed Oklahoma in the BCS Championship over USC. Before, I was 100% certain that USC was a much better team than Oklahoma, even before the BCS reinforced that knowledge.

By standardizing a 13-game season, it makes the rest of the cards fall in place.

It would be much easier to compare teams from all of the major conferences when they all play the same number of games in a regular season.

Fans would be far less averse to seeing a WAC team play in the National Championship if they went 13-0, and proved that they were the better team of their conference that season.  In a totally different scenario, If the Pac-10 champ and the SEC champ both have two losses similiar to this season, the BCS could argue which conference had the better inter-conference record, then their champion gets the bid.

Either decision would encourage fans to watch and cheer for their favorite when they travel to a different region which is good.

My solution to the "BCS Controversy" is for fans to be patient until the Pac 10, WAC, and any other hold outs get their act together.

It may lead to another few years of frustration, but it will just have to be endured

At least we will know who to point the finger at, and when the solution finally arrives, it will be fair and equitable to all of this country's conferences.