Dubz is Thinking: This Past Week Is Why We Love Football

Corey KoehlerSenior Analyst ISeptember 19, 2008

Contributor: James “Dubz” Cross is a fantasy football blogging veteran, hip hop head and BBQ master. You can find him on a regular basis on his blog DoubleDanger.com. 

I can say I haven’t seen a week of football as fun, exciting and overall BADASS in a looooooooooong time.  Got to watch the Colts come back on the Vikes (sorry Corey), Denver in their questionable win (but still totally awesome to go for 2 right?) and the SKINS finally use some of their weapons to win a game!  The cherry on top of the Sunday (that is called a pun folks)… the shootout of all shootouts on Monday Night Football.  What a game.  Being a Skins fan, I have to hate both the Eagles & Cowboys - but what a freakin’ game.  Hope you took the over in that one like I did, covered in the first half.  Needless to say (but I will say it anyhow), this is why we love football so much isn’t it?

“The Mistake Heard ‘Round The World.”

I read that Ed Hochuli was emailing his apologies to everyone.  Emailing.  His.  Apology.  Why not just text everyone.  If so, I bet it would go down like this.

yo norv.  crzy call @ the fb game huh?!?  lol  omg im sry for da dramz.  ttyl homie

Or something like that.  **shrugs**

“The ’Burner’ Cools Off, Did You Sell High?”

What happened to Michael Turner… did you sell high like you should have?  Makes you wonder if it was the runner or the run defense in week 1 right?  I’m telling you, should have sold by now, maybe you can get another week out of him and then trade up.  I’m just saying.

“John Kitna Went From Hero To Zero In Minutes.”

Story of his life though right?  This dude definitely is one of those love/hate type of players.  How many times has the Lions been trailing by 20 points late in the 3rd quarter and you tune it out.  When you look over there 5 minutes later, they took the lead on 3 Kitna throws.  Wait… no one watches the Lions, what am I talking about.  **snicker**

“How’s That #1 Pick Doing For Ya?”

LaDainian owners are patiently waiting for a healthy LT.  Got an extra day this week - hope it helps.  Well, actually I don’t own him… so all it could mean for me is someone beats me with LT on their roster racking up TDs.  Now Peterson has a sore hammy… those first two picks are looking lame at the moment.  They always do though.  Then they bust out with 5 FREAKIN’ TDS IN ONE GAME.  And everyone hates them.  Except the owners.  I’m loving my Westbrook pick though at #3, how about your pick?  Satisfied?  LT owners, remember last years Jets game?  Do some research.

Jay Cutler’s The #1 QB In Fantasy Football - And You Drafted Brady.”

Brady seemed like the no-brainer pick, and I know what your going to say… “Dude, you can’t predict injuries.”  No crap.  I’m just saying that the price that people took Cutler for, compared to Brady… night/day.  ROI on those two… night/day.  That is all I’m saying.

“DeSean Jackson Is Good And Bad At The Same Time.”

I own him.  I like him.  But for the same reasons I like him, I don’t like him.  Does that make sense?  Prolly not.  Maybe I’m drunk again.  He’s flashy, fast and hauls in some balls.  His fantasy value is not a question… unless you count the fact he threw away 6 of your points for absolutely no reason at all.  Yeah, that kind of sucks.  Makes you wonder if he is a T.O. or Chad Johnson in the making.  Costly penalties loom in his future.  Dropped passes that should have been TDs.  You know how it is.  One thing you can’t knock him for though, he has 2 games in the NFL - both over 100 yards.  It has been over 60 years since a player has done that.  That has to count for something.

Let’s see if we have a suitable encore to last week, it will be hard to top.  However we have the makings of a great week.  Eagles & Steelers, Jets & Chargers on MNF and the Broncos & Saints in another Mile High Shootout.  Don’t forget about the Sunday night game with the Packers and Cowboys.  I think I am going to take the over in that game too.  Going to be big I think.  Wait - it’s in Lambeau huh… crap.  Good luck this week fellow Goats.