Juan Castillo Move Proves Philadelphia Eagles Are Smarter Than You

WesAnalyst IFebruary 3, 2011

We're morons being educated by idiots.
We're morons being educated by idiots.

The Eagles know more about football than you and the promotion of Juan Castillo from offensive line coach to defensive coordinator adds to the pile of evidence.

Castillo is a defensive genius.

Don't believe the words you read. Take a look at what this guy has done on the defensive side of the ball throughout his career. 

He was the defensive coordinator at Texas A&M Kingsville from 1982-85. Following a brief stay in the college ranks Castillo dialed up the pressure at Kingsville High school from 1986-89.

What more can you ask for?

Fine. Since you want to build up an overwhelming case for his defensive prowess, look back to his playing days.

Castillo went undrafted in 1981 despite a stellar career at Texas A&I. That's not a typo people. Texas A&I and not Texas A&M. 

Despite being overlooked by the NFL, he made a name for himself in the USFL with the San Antonio Gunslingers in 1984.

Down in San Antonio, Castillo played from 1984-85, never started a game and saw action in 13 games. When he found his way onto the field he made the most of it as he picked up 12 tackles.

It was probably tough to get playing time as the Gunslingers piled up a 12-24 record while Castillo was on the roster.

That's what the Eagles do though. They somehow find all of those diamonds in the rough.

Don't forget this is the same franchise that told us a wide receiver was not important to the success of the team only to have the flaw painfully exposed in the NFC Championship against the Carolina Panthers.

This is the same franchise that insists a linebacker is not vital to the success of the defense and has displayed their defiant attitude by never drafting a Pro Bowl linebacker while Andy Reid has been head coach.

The Eagles taught us how overrated a fullback was in 2008 and showed everyone a team could plug in guys like Tony Hunt, Kyle Eckle and Dan Klecko and get away with it.

They are smart enough to pass on a free agent like Julius Peppers because they know how to trade up in the draft to get Brandon Graham.

Somehow the Eagles had the insight to know last year was the time to part ways with Sheldon Brown and swindle a fourth and fifth-round draft pick from Cleveland to ultimately land Trevard Lindley and Riley Cooper.

Year after year the Eagles make the best moves, have a clear objective in mind and know exactly what they want to do to get there.