10 Reasons Why I Love Manchester United

ThomasSenior Writer ISeptember 19, 2008

My fellow Man. Utd. fans,

We are under attack. In the span of a week, there have been numerous articles blasting our dear Red Devils out of the water. We must fight back and not in the way a certain person did. As a dedicated United fan, I will list 10 reasons why I love Manchester United. I pray that other fans take heed and follow.


10. Sir Alex Fergusson

The Sir himself is perhaps the greatest manager around. He has led United to championship after championship. Sir Alex, live long and prosper!


9. Championships & Trophys

Do not take heart the rumors that Liverpool is the best. The fact is, they haven't won nearly as much as we have in recent years.


8. Colors

I love red. Red cars, red shirts, red anything. United bleed red. United+Red=Love. Last season, they had their black jerseys. As I write this manifesto, I am wearing that jersey.


7. The Number 7

No one can deny United's love affair with the No. 7. Best, Cantona, Beckham, Ronaldo —these are just a few who have worn the number. The No. 7 is special.


6. Ryan Gigs

My favorite United player of all time is Ryan Giggs, the most decorated player in the EPL. Giggs, I wish you the best. God bless you for not leaving us.


5. Old Trafford

Regardless of what others say, Old Trafford is a special place. With it's old-fashion look, it breathes life to all fans.


4. American Appreciation

United has been kind to Americans. Kenny Cooper, Tim Howard, Rossi (technically not American but hey), and Adu have all had their chance with the Red Devils. For that I thank you.


3. Players

United has the ability to take players that may not be the best and make them into a winning team. With the exception of Silvestre (whom I despise), I have not seen any United player that wants to leave, even if they don't get playing time.


2. Fans

United has fans all around the world. In the States, in Thailand (where I have lived for the past 5 years), in Africa—everywhere. We are the backbone of United! Together we make them strong!


1. My brothers

I have three younger brothers: one 16, one 11, and one 8. Each one of them despise United. I do not understand it. I have tried to change them but I can't. They laugh and because they despise you, my dear United, I love you. Do not pity me, just remember me. I must live in a house with Chelsea and Arsenal fans.