NASCAR: The 25 Worst Styles in the History of the Sport

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NASCAR: The 25 Worst Styles in the History of the Sport

Come with us now on a journey through time and space...and mullets.

It's no secret that NASCAR often lends itself to some pretty egregious sins of fashion and artwork now and again...and by "now and again," I mean "pretty frequently."

Because NASCAR is often influenced by corporate sponsorship, and companies frequently can't discern a reasonable color combination if it punches them in the face and gives them a bloody nose, its drivers and teams often become victims of this, wearing hideous firesuits and driving god-awful cars.

Of course, some drivers make some poor fashion choices of their own, be they ill-advised mustaches (or lack thereof) or terrible hair coloring ideas. This is generally the only way we can pin them down themselves, as they try to avoid being photographed in many of the more hideous firesuits (and with good reason).

So grab your barf bag as we take an odyssey through some of the worst styles in the history of NASCAR. Enjoy!

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