WWE: Former TNA Icons Arrival in WWE Meant to Counter Arrival of 'they?'

Graham GSM Matthews@@WrestleRantFeatured ColumnistFebruary 2, 2011

TNA's Main Event Mafia in 2008
TNA's Main Event Mafia in 2008

More history has been made in the last week than over the last six months for WWE. 2011, thus far, has shown itself as a very bright year for World Wrestling Entertainment, with rare, strong showings of the RAW and SmackDown broadcasts, the youth movement finally in effect with Del Rio's Rumble win and the dawning of the Wade Barrett's The Corre.

However, there is one thing that has caught the Internet Wrestling Community (IWC) off guard within a matter of hours with craze, confusion and excitement surrounding the Internet. What I'm describing is the return of former TNA Icons Booker T, Kevin Nash (Diesel) and possibly even Sting to WWE.

These epic returns and debuts have created more buzz over the Internet over the last 48 hours than ever before, and this has me thinking: What are TNA's thoughts on all of this? Ironically, all three of these former TNA stars were apart of the historical, dominant group Main Event Mafia, that nearly two years ago was taking Total Nonstop Action Wrestling by storm.

In recent weeks, TNA has been building towards their upcoming Feb. 3 show that will include a TNA Heavyweight Championship Match between current champ Mr. Anderson and Jeff Hardy, also including the revealing of the new "They." Original plans called for They to be revealed as a returning Main Event Mafia, as requested by Spike TV due to ratings, that would have included Kurt Angle, Scott Steiner, Booker T, Kevin Nash and possibly Samoa Joe and Sting.

But being the idiots they are, TNA creative team wrote these plans with people that weren't even under contract, and suffered from it after Booker and Nash returned to WWE this past Sunday at the Royal Rumble PPV. I don't read spoilers (I ask please do not respond to this article with spoilers for this Thursday's Impact), but I believe this last minute change to "they" will not live up to the hype and give us a lackluster turnout.

But I question that was WWE contacting Nash, Booker and the buzz of Sting all a coincidence? Or was WWE personally destroying the plans TNA had, stopping any momentum they acquired?

Personally, I believe it's the latter due to to McMahon not giving a damn about the Florida based organisation. It is interesting that WWE has taken nearly all of the IWC's attention over the last month, and will certainly continue to do so as we approach WreslteMania 27.

On a side note, TNA trying to save this Immortal angle with a new "They" has backfired at this point, and it shows. Have you seen any articles on "They" being revealed recently? If you have, I must have missed it.

Over the next few weeks, I will be paying more attention to WWE programing rather than TNA craving attention with desperate tactics. Feel free to comment, I welcome all criticism. Thanks for reading everyone!

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