WWE and TNA News and Notes: Ric Flair, Tommy Dreamer, Sting and More

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIFebruary 2, 2011

Coming off the heels of massive news regarding Sting coming to the WWE yesterday, there is even more news concerning him as well as other top names across the Pro-Wrestling world.

Probably the biggest news needs to come in right away, and that is regarding the former WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Sting. The Icon has been speculated to come into the WWE over the past few days, but what people don't know is that Vince McMahon made Sting his top priority since the beginning of 2011.

Vinny Mac was said to be willing to do anything to get the Stinger in World Wrestling Entertainment. Some believe Sting would want to come in just because Booker T and Kevin Nash are now with the company, but that would have nothing to do with it.

For Sting, it's all about how his character would be used. Vince offered him a hefty contract back in 2001 which he denied, at the same time, numerous stars including DDP, Ric Flair and the aforementioned Booker T all were accepting contracts. Sting just took time off, then went over to TNA, where he has been used relatively well.

Obviously, Sting is one of the most popular wrestlers on the planet. His legend is up there with the likes of Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and more. He has been one of the best mic workers of all time, along with being one of the best in-ring talents out there. Not to mention he has one heck of a gimmick, which has been seen as one of the best probably only behind The Undertaker. Some would even put it ahead.

Sting really only wants to be used well, and if Vince promised to do that, the money and other connections are just icing on the cake for The Icon.

That's really what everything has been centered around for the most part, which could be why he has signed a one-year deal with WWE, according to the New York Daily News yesterday. You can see the part from the newspaper above.

Sting looks to be the man coming in the 2/21/11 promo, and many fans are hyped up for this. Some have even said they'd start watching on the regular just because Sting went to the WWE. Imagine the buys if you had him in WrestleMania. It doesn't matter who they have him face, people would buy to see him. Obviously people want to see Undertaker/Sting however.

Some are up in arms saying that if you look at the upcoming schedule of the show in Fresno, CA on 2/21/11, The Undertaker is returning that night. However, what people seem to forget is that the WWE usually writes up a show to send arenas so they can promote the event. That does not mean that everything on that night will be in a promo package.

Also, people seem to forget the part about this being located in Fresno, CA. Steve Borden (Sting) lives in Venice Beach, CA. Not to mention, he has yet to sign on with TNA Wrestling, despite numerous contract offers being on the table. Also, he hasn't been at any of the iMPACT tapings this past week, which so far, run up through next week.

Put two and two together people. It looks like almost a lock that Sting is WWE bound.

Numerous TNA officials are pretty much calling it at this point, and all are believing Sting is gone. And you can't blame the Stinger, can you?

Shifting gears to TNA, Ric Flair was absent from tapings this week and many thought he was either done with the company or suspended regarding what happened in Ireland a little while back. But it turns out that Flair suffered an injury.

TNA, the man is almost Al Davis old and he's still wrestling? Keep him out of the ring!

While Flair is seeing ring time, Tommy Dreamer is seeking more of it. Dreamer hasn't been in a match with TNA in forever it seems, and Dreamer isn't happy. TNA has been using him as more of an agent instead of performer. Dreamer left the WWE because they wanted to put him in a similar backstage role, and now that TNA is doing it, Dreamer is probably ticked.

Dreamer signed on for a nice little deal, so he has some time to complete his contract. Once it's done, if he's still not seeing time, I'd look to see him bolt to WWE.

Going back to WWE news, Triple H's return has almost been as talked about as the Sting news recently. People are wondering when he's coming back, seeing as he is perfectly healthy to return anytime.

The March 28th taping in the Allstate Center in Rosemont, Illinois features Triple H, John Cena, Randy Orton and World Heavyweight Champion Edge vs. WWE Champion The Miz, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio and Wade Barrett in an Eight-Man Tag Team Match.

This is a dark match however, but it does mean that if he returns for a dark match on RAW by then, he would return to WWE TV.

Some are speculating that he'll be at the Elimination Chamber PPV and get involved to somehow cause Sheamus to lose and not qualify to face the winner of Jerry Lawler/Miz for the WWE Title. However, we'll have to see about that.

Speaking of the Chamber, one man in it by the name of John Morrison has been impressing many within the WWE as of late. Dating back to last year, Morrison looked to be on the rise, but then seemed to go nowhere with his rise, despite doing very well under his push.

Last month for example. He had beaten Sheamus in a No. 1 Contenders match, where he would get to face The Miz for the WWE Title. Many thought it would be at The Rumble, but the match instead was moved to WWE RAW. People knew right there Morrison would lose, because when is the last time you saw a WWE Title change hands on RAW outside a MITB moment? Quite a while right?

Many thought Morrison's match was moved for two reasons. First off, they thought Orton/Miz would draw more despite us already seeing it for the third time. And, Dolph Ziggler was facing Edge. Some say, who cares about Ziggler, why should that matter?

Well, for this reason. Ziggler is one of the new up and comers WWE has their eyes on and they wanted people to focus on his showing in the title match instead of what Morrison was going to do in his. However, despite their best efforts, Morrison still ended up stealing the show with one heck of a move.

Morrison looks to be on tap to go places, but it's a matter of whether the WWE lets him have it that seems to be the issue. Morrison is in the Elimination Chamber match like he was last year, but it's a bit different this time. Only he and Cena are the conceivable winners. Why?

With Randy Orton and CM Punk being in a rivalry together thus far, that looks like a WrestleMania match, so scratch them out. Then because we all know Miz will retain, a face will take on Miz at Mania, so take out Sheamus. So three remaining faces include Cena, Truth and Morrison.

Obviously, Truth isn't over enough for a title match at Mania, so that leaves Cena and Morrison. Cena has a built-in rivalry with Nexus and even The Core. If Sting was to take on The Undertaker, that is if Sting is in WWE, then Wade Barrett would be out of Mania. With Punk taking on Orton, that leaves Barrett and The Core out.

Many think The Core will take on Nexus, so Barrett would be in that match. But because WWE wants to push Barrett as a singles star, he would end up taking on Cena, meaning the logical winner would be John Morrison in the Chamber, therefore making a Miz/Morrison match for the WWE Title in which Morrison would be heavily favored to win.

He was set for a big push last year, but it was halted when The Miz started doing better and better. So, Morrison went back to mid-carding. Now many think it's his year to go, which means that him taking on Miz would work, especially since he is over with fans enough for this to happen.

Mania would already be a stacked card, so therefore WWE officials wouldn't worry about how the WWE Title match draws, even though many would pay for a Miz vs. Morrison match, seeing as the last ones have been pretty good, and Morrison is one of the most exciting ring workers in the WWE today.

If the Mania card plays out as I mentioned, it would look like this:

  • Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio for the World Heavyweight Title
  • CM Punk vs. Randy Orton
  • Wade Barrett vs. John Cena
  • The Miz vs. Morrison for the WWE Title
  • Possibly Triple H vs. Sheamus
  • Possibly Nexus vs. The Core
  • Undertaker vs. Sting

Obviously other matches could be added. Also, Chris Jericho is set to return to the WWE relatively soon. He says a deal is 90 percent done with WWE, so, it is expected he could be in WrestleMania. If Morrison does not win the Elimination Chamber match, many speculate he would take on Jericho at the Grandest Stage of them all.

Headed down to Mexico for this story. Mexican sensation Mistico recently signed on with the WWE. For those who don't know Mistico, get to know him. He is considered the best high-flyer in the world today. WWE tried to ink a deal back in 2006, but Mistico either backed out or the WWE did. Something happened with the contract, and it just didn't happen.

In 2009, he was offered a deal again, but nothing happened. Then last year, WWE continued to court the high-flyer, and eventually signed him this year. He is expected in FCW within the next few months. He is touted as the next Rey Mysterio by many WWE officials. Mistico is probably the second coming of Rey Rey to many. If you liked Rey in his WCW/ECW days, it's about the same type of talent we are talking about with Mistico here. Some think he is even better than Mysterio.

We'll need to see that match, WWE.

SPOILER from SmackDown!: Booker T is now a member of the announcing team there. Booker was expected to come on as an announcing team member, but with the reception he got at the Rumble, WWE officials considered putting him in matches with main eventers. One idea was with Sheamus, but that was shot down quickly. King vs. King was the set-up.

Booker is set to potentially wrestle part time with WWE, but not a whole lot unless fans really want it, I guess.

Kevin Nash recently said he doesn't want to leave WWE ever again, claiming via Twitter:

"When Vince McMahon is the boss and your best friend and his wife run creative and you see each other and hug and there is true emotion....Contracts aren't needed. I will do whatever I'm asked. I was welcomed back into the Family last night. I wont make mistake of leaving again!"

WWE RAW got the best rating it's had since August of last year with a 3.5 this past week. Very nice rating on a Monday night, especially with all the premiers during this month. It's sweeps, so the big shows are set to either return or get really good. For WWE to pull off a 3.5 is a huge thing for them. If they keep these numbers next week, USA Network may have to consider wrestling as a five-day thing.


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