New York Giants' Coughlin Has Earned His Due

Paul McGuillicuddyAnalyst IJanuary 7, 2008

No disrespect to the fine people of the Golden State, but Coughlin has known nothing but heat since taking over as head coach of the New York Giants.

Now he deserves the respect he has rightfully earned.

Three years ago when Coughlin came to town, the G-Men were a bumblin’, stumblin', fumblin’ batch of miscreants who couldn't get out of each other’s way. Since then the Giants have qualified for the NFL playoffs for the third consecutive time and seemed to have established a foundation for the future.

But soon after Coughlin took the reins, he ruffled a few feathers. Remember 10 minutes early or you’re late? Yeah, that bothered a few overpaid athletes. 

Remember that tailback who couldn’t hang onto the ball? Coughlin stuck with him and taught him how handle the pigskin. Three years later that tailback gained the most yards from scrimmage.

What did Coughlin get in return? He was thrown under the bus, blamed for expediting the retirement of a smug athlete.

Remember when Coughlin made the decision to go with a rookie quarterback? He stayed with him through what seemed an endless barrage of botched snaps, bad reads, overthrown passes, and interceptions. Now that QB has a playoff win under his belt thanks to Coughlin's confidence in him.

Two weeks ago Coughlin’s Giants threw a scare into the New England Patriots' perfect season—one that even this long-time fan didn’t think was ever possible. 

Coughlin then took his gang on the road to Tampa Bay and brought home a convincing 24-14 victory over the Buccaneers.

Hopefully the peanut gallery that’s been calling for Coughlin’s head the past two years will be quieted for now as he leads his team once again into the playoffs.