WWE 2.21.11 Promo: 'Sting or The Undertaker?' Aside, It's Evil Genius Marketing

Chinmay@@iTsChinmaySenior Analyst IIFebruary 2, 2011

Image Courtesy : http://www.videoface.gen.tr/piiz-mudur-hq.html
Image Courtesy : http://www.videoface.gen.tr/piiz-mudur-hq.html

This article does not contain any spoiler or speculation

With the world going abuzz about it, you are probably reading 1738th article on WWE’s 2.21.11 promo. However, I can assure you that this one is different. This is not a preview, it is a review.

IWC has spent almost 36 sleepless hours speculating since the mysterious vignette has been aired. It might be Sting or the Undertaker. As I believe, it might be some third person.

Let it be anyone. I won’t speculate who is the man in that promo. I will not moan about it even if in the end it turns out to be Hornswoggle. And that is simply because WWE has never promised us anything with the vignette. Just like a stupid possessive lover, we are expecting them to make a promise and fulfil it.

Now let me come to my basic premise of this article. After pondering over this promo, i have come to the following conclusion.

This is the smartest business and creative move pulled by WWE in last few years. After a long time, it is evil marketing genius of WWE at the work again. 

I will start from the beginning here.

What would be the motto of this vignette? It would most certainly be to create hype and to ruffle some feathers. In fact, a motive behind every marketing tactic is creating anticipation and cashing it on even before the launch of actual product. We can call it the gestation period of any campaign and it has to be as productive as possible.

This promo has achieved its basic goal. This promo has succeeded beyond any measures and it is evident if we take some pains and check BR archives. A mere 48 second promo has caused an immense upheaval.

Now one thing is certain, all the fans, including old WCW fans would be waiting for Raw each and every week to find another clue. There is no chance in hell that average Raw ratings are going to drop in spite of numerous Jerry Lawler and Miz segments.

WWE has chosen the most perfect timing to air this promo. Coming on the heels of a lacklustre Royal Rumble and potentially even more disastrous upcoming PPV – Elimination Chamber, it has managed to overshadow both. It has negated the criticism these two PPVs have generated. It has also benefited the Elimination Chamber, as at the least few thousand people will order it in the hope of finding out more. The production cost of the promo is recovered right there. We don't even have to guess that the Raw on February 21 will be a massive hit in respect of ratings and irrespective of results. 

Secondly, it is the most imaginative and enticing, if not original, vignette produced by WWE. That is a work of true creative genius. There is a minimal use of details. That is the key to all this hype. The perfect plan is executed with minimal burden of trifle details. As Sherlock Holmes often says, “Most simple looking cases are the ones difficult to solve”. That applies itself here.

If we take a look at how this promo was aired, we realize that it was a masterstroke. WWE took no efforts of hyping this vignette whatsoever. None of the commentators cared to even utter few supporting words. All we were left to do is to speculate everything our own. Understatement many times leads to the massive response. This promo is one such case.

And thirdly, WWE has shown us a carrot and just like perennial bunnies that we are, we have jumped on it. WWE by now has realized that IWC is a really massive marketing tool, bigger than some of their agencies. If they throw a cat into the Internet Wrestling Community, we actually go haywire like chickens and create a huge buzz on the Internet. In this way we attract millions of casual fans and arouse their curiosity. We do WWE's work of promoting something and that too is for free. Their objective is achieved.

Last, but not the least, I have one thing to say. Every day, we moan about how predictable and pathetic WWE has become. There is nothing exciting. Then my friends, here it is. After many years, there is a true mystery and anticipation. Thanks to Internet, it is going to last shorter than expected. Let us just sit back and relax. We have to enjoy the ride, because many times journey is more beautiful than the destination itself. I am afraid this is one of such journeys.

In the end, I would like to thank Mr. Brandon Hamblen for his comments on various articles, which inspired this article.

So, now it is your yard as always. Comment and put a like on it if you feel so. Criticism is most welcome. Thanks for reading