10 Things That Will Happen This Weekend: Week Four

Ned DuttonCorrespondent ISeptember 19, 2008

Before I begin: For all 100 of you that read my (previously) weekly "Inside the Numbers" post, I apologize for not writing one this week. Following the Crisis at the Coliseum, I was focused more on what went wrong with Ohio State than what went right for the rest of College Football. It will be back next week.

By now, it seems like you guys know the deal: Every Friday, I am predicting 10 things that are going to happen in College Football by the end of the weekend. Every prediction I get correct gets +1, and every incorrect prediction equals -1.

Through two weeks, I had six total points, and officially challenged Tim Tebow for 2008 (His TDs vs. My Points). Conveniently enough, at the time the challenge was issued, I was winning. How am I doing now? Let's take a look at how I did last week:

  • Beanie Wells was obviously not a factor, but it was because he didn't play at all. (-1)
  • The only winners of Michigan/Notre Dame are the rest of us. I nailed this one, I gotta say. Michigan lost, so it's easy to pick on them. Charlie Weis hilariously tore his MCL and his ACL, so despite the victory, "the rest of us" have a lot of fresh material. Note: I realize it's not actually hilarious for someone to get this seriously injured. In all seriousness, I hope Coach Weis fully recovers as soon as possible. (+1)
  • As much as it hurt, I actually did watch the entire OSU/USC game - but I didn't see ANY celebrities. This truly was the most shocking part of the game to me. (-1)
  • Ohio State lost, and I said they'd fall out of the Top 12. Where'd they land? 13 (or 14, depending on your poll). (+1)
  • Wisconsin didn't win convincingly, though one could argue they would have if the refs hadn't botched a call early in the third quarter. (-1)
  • I think it's safe to say BYU kept their BCS chances alive. (+1)
  • Graham Harrell only threw for 418 yards. (-1)
  • For awhile, Penn State's Touchdowns and Syracuse's Points were tied at six, but a second-half touchdown by the 'Cuse burst my bubble. (-1)
  • The SEC went undefeated. (+1)
  • Corso picked the Trojans. (+1)

Yikes. Not my best week, but I'm still beating Tebow. I went 5/10 this week, netting me zero points. We'll call that a Bye Week, which is perfect because Tebow took the week off as well, so the score remains 6-3. I wouldn't want to run up the score when my opposition isn't even playing, would I?

Moving on to this week. We've got lots of big games on tap, so I need to come up with some big predictions. As promised, here are 10 Things That Will Happen This Weekend:


1. Missouri will triple Buffalo's score. We know Missouri has the offense to big up ridiculous numbers, but how much can it's defense slow down Buffalo?


2. Auburn will lose by 2+ possessions to LSU at home, yet will not fall out of the Top 20. There's a lot going on here, and I don't give myself partial credit. I'm counting on the SEC love affair to keep Auburn in the Top 20 after getting blown out (2+ possessions in the SEC is a blowout) at home to No. 6 LSU.


3. The Big Ten will go undefeated again. No one will care, because the "best" (read: least-worst) game of the week is Notre Dame/Michigan State, but the Big Ten should really improve it's conference's bowl eligibility by sweeping the board this week.


4. Rice will have the ball, down by one possession, at one point in the second half of their game against Texas. In no way am I calling the upset, but I can see Rice hanging with Texas for awhile. Also note I am not predicting Rice will tie or take the lead on said possession, but rather that they will have the opportunity to.


5. Northwestern will crack the Top 30 of the Coaches' Poll. Through three games (of the country's 117th most difficult schedule), Northwestern is 3-0 and sitting pretty in the "Also Receiving Votes" section with 10 votes. Northwestern plays Ohio (the first team to show the world Ohio State was overrated) at home this week, and a Wildcat victory over the Bobcats should escalate these precocious kittens into the Top 30.


6. Graham Harrell will have more passing yards than Navy, Air Force, and Army combined. This is a far-fetched match-up, and one that sounds much more interesting than it will probably be. Navy averages 87, Air Force averages 45, and Army averages 84.5. Together, the Armed Forces average 216.5 passing yards per game. Graham Harrell averages 417 passing yards per game.


7. Georgia will get some of their first-place votes back. You have to feel bad for Georgia. Preseason No. 1, win their first three games, and they drop to No. 3. Oh well. They have their chance to shine this week at Arizona State, and will finally shift the conversation from "USC IS SOOO GOOD" to "But seriously, how awesome is the SEC?" and get some first-place votes back.


8. There will be a special teams' touchdown in the Florida/Tennessee game. Gutsy, right? Obviously the smart money would be on Florida taking one back, but I'll leave the door open for Tennessee.


9. Terrelle Pryor wins the starting job for Ohio State. Sorry guys, I couldn't do a "10 Things" without an Ohio State prediction. It appears TP has been slowly working his way towards inevitably taking the starting job, and a good performance this week would probably secure it.


10. Corso will pick Auburn. On paper (If you look at the rankings), Auburn/LSU should be close. In this type of game, Corso is totally unpredictable. I say he decides to please the home crowd and picks Auburn.