Broncos and Chargers Will Run Away in the AFC West

Matt BrowningContributor ISeptember 19, 2008

Two weeks into the 2008 NFL season and the AFC West couldn’t be more clearly defined.

Denver and San Diego are contenders in the AFC, while Oakland and Kansas City are two of the five worst teams in the NFL. So there really won’t be a need for separation due to the discrepancy in talent.

Let’s take a look at each team and their next four games:


The Broncos may have one of the more underrated offenses in the league. They’re averaging 463 yards over their first two games and Jay Cutler is a star in the making.

While they may have some holes defensively, especially in the secondary, they should be able to overcome that based on their capabilities offensively.

Current record: 2-0.

Next four games: home games against New Orleans, Jacksonville and Tampa Bay, with a road game at Kansas City.

Projected record at week 7: 6-0, whose going to beat them out of those four?

San Diego:

Unlike last year, there may be a reason to panic in Charger camp. LaDainian Tomlinson isn’t healthy and their defense has been shredded apart.

They have to hope that Phillip Rivers can carry the load until L.T. gets healthy.

Current record: 0-2

Next four games: home games with the Jets and Patriots, while they head out on the road to play Miami and Oakland.

Projected record at week 7: 3-3, if L.T. regains form, then this team could get hot quickly and go on a run.


Don’t be fooled by Oakland’s blowout win in Kansas City. The Chiefs very well could be the worst team in the league.

JaMarcus Russell has not shown any kind of flashes that made him the top pick in 2007’s draft. The defense has been okay but it’s not built for the long haul. Plus, Al Davis and the coaching staff are at ends, so this is a ticking time bomb.

Current record: 1-1

Next four games: a home game with the Chargers and road games at New Orleans and Buffalo.

Projected record by week 7: 1-4, that’s a brutal four game stretch for the Raiders. Lane Kiffin may be looking for a job at this time.

Kansas City:


A bad offense plus a bad defense means many losses. The youth movement hasn’t seen many positives yet. There really is no reason to think this team will win more than three games.

Current record: 0-2

Next four weeks: home games with Denver and road games at Carolina and Atlanta

Projected record by week 7: 0-5, if the Chiefs don’t win this weekend against the Falcons, a long losing streak is in the offing.