WWE Royal Rumble 2011 Post-Event Analysis: The State of the Divas Division

Dan PowerSenior Analyst IFebruary 2, 2011

Natalya applying a spectacular Double Sharpshooter on Eve and Layla at the last Royal Rumble PPV.
Natalya applying a spectacular Double Sharpshooter on Eve and Layla at the last Royal Rumble PPV.

The Divas Championship match at Royal Rumble was not discussed much with the shocker caused by Alberto Del Rio's win in the over-the-rope battle.

The Fatal-Four-Way among Natalya, Eve and Lay-Cool left a lot of unanswered questions in the air and made me wonder what are the implications of the outcome.

Not so long ago, if we rewind a few months back, the Women's Division was agonizing. But, in September 2010, at the Night Of Champions pay-per-view, Michelle McCool became the first WWE Unified Divas Champion.

On that day, with so few Divas on the roster, the WWE made a wise decision by unifying the Women's and Divas Championships.

Many fans, including myself, applauded the idea of unifying the Titles despite it being the unappreciated Michelle McCool who became the first holder. No matter who held the belt, it was already a great step in the right direction, so we could hardly complain.

Two months later, at Survivor Series, the creative team got another brilliant idea by putting the belt around Natalya Neidhart's waist.

Finally, the fans were rewarded with an actual wrestler as the WWE Divas Champion. And, even better, the night she won the Title, Beth Phoenix made her long-awaited return to side with the new Champion.

Natalya then defended the title against one of the rare other Divas who can actually wrestle, the newly turned heel Melina.

Unfortunately, the rivalry was cut short and Natalya was put in a rematch against the Lay-Cool duo in a handicap match at Royal Rumble.

I expected to see that match as the opening contest of the pay-per-view, but surprisingly, it was placed higher on the card, after both WWE and World Heavyweight Championship matches.

To be honest, I didn't have any great expectations for that match, but a nice twist of events happened when the Raw anonymous general manager announced it would be a Fatal-Four-Way match.

At this moment, I hoped it would be Amazing Kong or Beth Phoenix. But no. Huge disappointment. Eve Torres emerged from backstage. What a let-down it was.

But okay. I swallowed the pill and watched the match, wondering "WHY EVE?" What did she do to be inserted in that match? For a surprise, it was a genuine surprise; but not the kind I like. 

Why not Kong as the fourth participant? She could have squashed Lay-Cool for the win after she knocked out Natalya. That would've been a great set-up for a great feud with Natalya as the underdog. Now I guess Eve will be squashed by Kong.

Or why not Beth Phoenix? It would have ignited possibly one of the greatest feuds ever in the women's division. Beth Phoenix vs. Natalya Neidhart at Wrestlemania over the WWE Divas Championship! It would be an instant classic.

Anyway, I'll try to be optimistic and to find the positive in the negative. Maybe will we see Beth against Natalya.

The Glamazon can always turn back to her heel perfect-fit persona and win the Title against Eve. Then Natalya could challenge Phoenix for a Championship encounter at Wrestlemania.

Maybe they have something interesting with Kong and the few good elements they have in the division. Gail Kim, Melina, Beth, Natalya and Kong could be the core of a revamped Championship picture.

Maryse, Kelly Kelly and Eve can play the spot monkeys as they want and pick on the five mentioned above. Lay-Cool can go in a rivalry with The Bellas, no one cares as long as they stay away from the Title for a while.

In conclusion, I think there is not only negative with the current state of the Divas' division. There is hope if the creative can be actually creative with those ladies. 

What do you think about the fallout of the Royal Rumble Fatal-Four-Way match? What do you want next for the Divas' division?

How would you like to see Kong introduced? Would you like to see Beth vs. Natalya at Wrestlemania? Or one of them against Kong? Or maybe a triple-threat match?