2-21-2011: Why It Has To Be Sting

Adrian ReyesContributor IFebruary 1, 2011

What's up, fellow Bleachers?

So, today I meant to throw up an article about the ups and downs of the Royal Rumble match, but after last night's Raw I'll save that for tomorrow, or another day this week. 

The big news right now around the entire Internet Wrestling Community is the 2-21-2011 promo that ran twice on Raw last night.  And without a doubt in my mind, that promo was for the debut for the man they call Sting.

Sure, everyone is saying the Undertaker as well since its being advertised on the card as the return of the Undertaker but people, that is not an Undertaker return promo, and its so obvious that its not.

The promo slightly resembles an old Sting promo from 1997 when he was about to wrestle Hollywood Hogan.  Not to mention, all the long time wrestling fans know that as soon as we saw that promo last night night, we thought "Oh my god, WWE signed Sting!

It just makes sense that WWE signed Sting.  They are supposed to be inducting three big names into the HOF this year and so far have only announced one in Shawn Michaels.

The 2-21-2011 show is Raw, not Smackdown (where the Undertaker is part of that brand), and its takes place in California, where Sting currently resides.  Wrestlemania is taking place in Atlanta this year, the home of WCW, and Sting was the face of that company.

TNA had been trying to sign Sting, Booker T, and Kevin Nash these past weeks to reform the Main Event Mafia but Booker and Nash signed with WWE last minute.  And SPOILERS, at TNA's IMPACT tapings last night, the MEM returned and Sting was nowhere to be seen.  Fellow bleachers, I believe WWE signed the trifecta and Sting is now a part of the WWE.

Just imagine what WWE could do with him.  He could wrestle 'Taker in the biggest dream match in WWE history at Mania.  If Taker is not healthy enough for singles competition, him and Sting could fight the Corre in a tag match since we all know Taker is coming back to get him some of Barrett.  Sting might not be young anymore but he's still got it and can jump in the ring with any of the main eventers in WWE today. 

Fellow Bleachers, 2-21-2011 will be the day Sting debuts in WWE.  Don't believe me, SPOILERS AHEAD, as I was typing this, Examiner.com confirmed that WWE has signed Sting to a one year deal and the New York Daily News confirmed the fact.  On February 21st, RAW..IS..STING!!