Chris Jericho: How Close Is He To Returning To The WWE?

Jeff LangridgeCorrespondent IIIFebruary 1, 2011

Just when I was sure that Chris Jericho was not going to return to WWE for quite some time, something happens that changes my mind.

In an interview with, Jericho gave us some comments that lead me to believe he'll be back sooner than I thought.

Jericho said about returning to the WWE,  "I consider it always because it's not like it was in 2005 where I was sick of wrestling... Sick of it is maybe a harsh word. Disenchanted, I guess, is a better word. I wasn't disenchanted when I left in September. It was just my contract was up. That was it. And there were other things just waiting to come through. Even if I was coming back, I always would have taken those four months, three months off to do the Fozzy tours. Then other things have kind of popped up to delay my return."

He said similar things in an interview with Pro Wrestling Illustrated. What he did not say was this...

"I mean, there's a deal on the table. A deal on the table that's 90-percent done. There's a couple of minor things that we had to hammer out. It would just be a matter of what other stuff is going on and how that stuff is going."

Now it would greatly help if the WWE could get that other ten percent hammered out in time for Wrestlemania, which is looking like it could have a weak under card. Since the opponent that everyone else thought he would face, Randy Orton, is now in a feud with the New Nexus, I would propose a match between Jericho and Daniel Bryan at 'Mania. That match would be a match of the night candidate for sure, if not a match of the year candidate.

Jericho went into detail about why he left last September, "I just have to feel the urge to come back to wrestling and I need to be there 100 percent. Now that ... Fozzy is doing really good and 'Undisputed' was coming out, I kind of had my eyes on other things and you can't do that."

"You got to be 100-percent committed to the WWE and if you're not, step aside and let someone else take over that is. So, it's just a matter of being 100-percent committed to doing it. Because now I have set such a high bar for myself—which I'm glad—and I need to match that and I need to not come in anything less than that."

The final quote of the article, "When the time comes for me to do that, I'll be happy to come back and if I never went back to wrestling, I'm happy with that too."

If he comes back, WWE will get back one of the greatest of all time. If not, the "Greatest in the world at what he does" will be missed, as he already is.

Who knows, maybe the 2-21-11 promo is just Jericho pulling a prank on us. And if Sting shows up anyway, Jericho vs. Sting wouldn't be that bad of a match to see either.