EXCLUSIVE: Paul Heyman's Amazing Blog On Why The WWE Product Is So Stale

Tim ListAnalyst ISeptember 19, 2008

In a blog that is sure to cause a lot of people in Titan Towers to renew their resentment for the outspoken former owner of the original ECW, Paul Heyman has posted his most pointed and biting criticism of the WWE product to date.

However, unless most critics, Heyman has offered a very interesting suggestion as to not only what WWE can do to reverse the negative downtrend in the quality of their shows, and even offers reasons as to why the suggestions are so needed.

Key excerpt:

What would it hurt for Vince to sit down with Rey Mysterio and say: "Come back to me in a week with an outline for the top three storylines all the way to Royal Rumble." How can it be bad for Vince to offer someone like The Miz, who obviously keeps his finger on the pulse of today's contemporary beat, and offer him a small bonus to come with new ideas for names, instead of this moronic, counter-productive movement to rip-off other genres like Kenny Dykstra and Dolph Diggler.  Why not go out on a limb and try some creativity and unique branding so the audience can really get behind someone as their own?

Is it inconceivable that Cody Rhodes or John Morrison would have some suggestions on how to spruce up a new persona with some creative fashion designs?  Once Vince gets some ideas from Rey or the Miz or whoever, then he can take these ideas to the creative team and challenge them, indeed charge them with embellishing on the new, youthful, non-traditional concepts.

The problem is that WWE, from the conception to the implementation of all ideas is in a rut because everything is based on AN AUDIENCE OF ONE.

And that "one" is Vince McMahon.  Get some ideas from people who don't know what Vince likes and doesn't like and you may just get an opinion that shakes up the system.

Heyman also tells a story about how he once suggested the immensely popular band System of a Down, and no one in WWE creative knew who SOAD were. Not shocking, considering the mentality of the WWE television shows, but shocking because the creative team should be up to date on a band so popular with the youth, especially one that routinely gets 8,000,000 views on their videos that are posted on You Tube.

Heyman also throws out a funny line about people in WWE mistakenly thinking pitching The Jonas Brothers to Vince will make them appear to have their fingers on the pulse of what's hot in today's pop culture.

A superb blog, today's "must-read" of the day!

You can check it out here: http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/sport/wrestling/heyman/article1710982.ece