Which Trophy Means the Most?

Benjamin RogersAnalyst ISeptember 19, 2008

There are many trophies to be won from every season, and every team has chance to win one. If you are the smallest side or the biggest side you have a fair chance when the season begins. Many teams try to get many trophies in one season and other teams focus on one trophy in particular.

However, I'm writing this article to find out which trophy is the most important to the fans and try to find out the most popular title in football.

I'll look at the main trophies a team can win such as the Champions League, Premier League, and others.


UEFA Champions League

Europe's best teams go up against each other to decide the fate of this trophy. Some say you have to be the best team in the world to win it. As I said, this trophy brings the best teams in the world together such as Real Madrid, Manchester United, AC Milan and many many more...

The Final is selected by a Qualifying Round then a Group Stage followed by the last 16, quarterfinals, semifinals,  and finally the best two teams emerge from it all fight it out in the final.

In the last year we were treated to a fascinating final between eventual winners Manchester United and Chelsea. Who will be the winners this campaign?

Is this the most popular trophy in the world?


Premier League

The top league in England and reported to be the most popular league in the world. Manchester United, Arsenal, Chelsea, and Liverpool are the normal top four but after the uprising of some new talent Manchester City, Portsmouth, Everton, Spurs, and Aston Villa all have a chance.

Manchester United were the winners from the past two seasons and are aiming to make it a hat-trick this campaign.


FA Cup

The cup that every team in England wants to win—and has a chance to win. The game could be a top of the league giant v. a bottom of the league minnow. Many say it has a certain wisdom and feeling about it, and no matter what's on the cards an upset is always possible. Barnsley showed us that last year, by beating Liverpool and Chelsea.

It is a great chance for a team out side the top four of the Premier League to win such as last campaign's winners Portsmouth.


Carling Cup

The Carling Cup is like a smaller FA Cup, and is a great chance for a team to put out some of their future stars. Arsenal, Manchester City, and Everton have produced some of the best stars in England by doing this. Just like the FA Cup, the Carling Cup is a great chance for a team outside of the "Big Four" to get a trophy.

The final can bring some great teams together such as last campaign's eventual winners, Tottenham and runners up Chelsea.



The UEFA Cup is the smaller version of the Champions League and is the chance for a team that finishes 5th, 6th, and 7th to play against teams from Europe. If you win the trophy you get a chance to play in the Super Cup, such as last year's winners Zenit St. Petersburg.

Ac Milan are this year's favourites, but will an English side cause an upset?


Well, there's the list and if you want to leave a comment or vote for the trophy you like the most then please feel free to leave a comment and I'll get back to you, like wise if you want to add a trophy please feel free.


As always, hope you enjoy the article.