The WWE Monthly Achievement Awards : January Edition

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The WWE Monthly Achievement Awards : January Edition

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    Greetings, my fellow Bleachers. Today, I debut my new series entitled "The WWE Monthly Achievement Awards".

    The concept is simple; It is designed to present to you the greatest aspects of weekly WWE broadcasts involved in a single month. The month of January has come to an end, so I believe this is the perfect timing for a stroll down memory lane.

    I have tried my best to be as unbiased as possible, because I believe in giving achievements only to those deserving of them.

    I look forward to establishing the future eleven installments of this series, so I truly hope that you enjoy the slideshow.

Best Divas Match Of The Month

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    Superstars: 13th, January

    Gail Kim vs Alicia Fox [Singles Match]

    This match-up was not anything spectacular by any means, but it sure does overshadow the assortment of usual Divas matches broadcasted every week on WWE television.

    There's honestly not much to be said about this match because there's nothing special about it. Fortunately for these two former Divas/Women's Champions, this match was just a cut above the rest of the effortlessly arranged Divas contests. Gail Kim makes Alicia Fox Eat Defeat before putting her away for the one, two, three in a five-minute bout that allows them to take away the Best Divas Match Of January Achievement.

Best Promo/Segment Of The Month

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    Raw: 3rd, January

    CM Punk and Wade Barrett Break The Ice?

    In the very first Raw of 2011, CM Punk made it very clear that he was now in the driver's seat with respect to the Nexus.

    CM Punk went on to say he tried searching for Cena: "The funny thing of it is, I can't see John Cena!" That was funny, and I liked it. We all know CM Punk's great when it comes down to cutting promos, but what made it better?

    Enter: Wade Barrett. How great was it that Wade Barrett confronted CM Punk? Barrett even proceeded to call CM Punk a "manipulative waste of skin". There are rare times when a heel has conflicting issues with another heel. With the Nexus present as a seemingly neutral party, things were planned well. I thought this promo was short, yet effective.

Best Free Televised Match Of January's Month: 3rd Place

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    Smackdown: 7th, January

    Rey Mysterio vs Alberto Del Rio [2 Out Of 3 Falls Match]

    After waiting for about six weeks, this much-anticipated match-up finally happened in Tucson, Arizona. In a rare move made by the WWE in this day and age, the arrogant heel performer that is Alberto Del Rio came out on top.

    It is quite the surprising move when a superstar bests Rey Mysterio, especially when it's a young heel trying to make a name for himself in the WWE. Involving little exhibitions of great technical prowess, it is truly not difficult to comprehend why this match is even ranked on this list.

    The psychological warfare presented by Del Rio was well done as he tried to unmask the "Master Of The 619" at some point in time. The aim at storytelling was well done. The match's conclusion took a bit away from the match, in my opinion, but overall, this match definitely helped to establish Alberto Del Rio as a serious contender for the World Heavyweight Championship in the future, as well as proved Rey Mysterio's consistency as a performer who can rise to the occasion despite his history of nagging injuries.

    These two superstars deservedly get the 3rd Best Free Televised Match of January Achievement for a very solid performance.

Best Free Televised Match Of January's Month: 2nd Place

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    Raw: 17th, January

    CM Punk vs John Cena [Singles Match, New Nexus Banned From Ringside]

    So much history was made between these two superstars in such a short time-span. With 16 minutes on the clock, there was no excuse as to why they couldn't have a stand-out televised match, more so due to the fact that the New Nexus was banned from ringside.

    Although the match was somewhat slow at times in my opinion, it deserves the honour of being the 2nd Best Free Televised Match of January due to the hard work by the competitors involved.

    The energetic support by the crowd of Little Rock, Arkansas for Cena throughout the match only made things seem better than it was. CM Punk's rarely-executed Anaconda Vice was overshadowed in favour of the Koji Clutch, an excruciating submission hold that had Cena aching to reach the ropes in desperation for a little less than a minute.

    While this match seems to be the grounds for which CM Punk debuted his submission, it also seems to be that for which Mason Ryan made his debut as well.

Best Free Televised Match Of January's Month: 1st Place Tie

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    Raw: 3rd, January

    The Miz vs John Morrison [Anywhere Falls Match For The WWE Championship]

    In an effort to secure John Morrison's status as an upper mid-card performer, as well as establish a main-event status, the WWE decided to give him the spotlight on the first Raw event of the year by placing him in a matchup against his arch-nemesis, The Miz.

    They make great partners, as well as great enemies. The chemistry between these two individuals is superb and the story-telling involved was pretty good. The fans of Phoenix, Arizona were in favour of John Morrison winning his first WWE Championship.

    For the umpteenth time, John Morrison gives us a memorable match—this doesn't mean he won. Unfortunately, The Miz would secure an upsetting victory in what could be called the best match he's had as the WWE Champion to date.

    What was intriguing about it was the fact that a match of this caliber took place on free television. With several nearfalls and spots involved, it is not difficult to see why this 17-minute bout made it as co-winner of the 1st Place Best Free Televised Match Of January Achievement.

Best Free Televised Match Of January's Month: 1st Place Tie

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    Smackdown: 7th, January

    Edge vs Kane [Last Man Standing Match For The World Heavyweight Championship]

    While Kane and Edge have had forgettable matches in the past, this one was different.

    The crowd in Tucson, Arizona was behind both of these competitors. The Last Man Standing Match always encourages the competitors to brawl through the crowds and wreak havoc when and where possible.

    After viewing this 21-minute match, it was axiomatic as to why the often-underrated Kane was catapulted once more into the main-event spotlight in the first place.

    While it lacked the profound story-telling factor promoted by the Morrison-Miz matchup, this match came to equal terms with it, with the brutalities involved, which made for great entertainment. This match delivered in just the correct proportions and it just goes to show that these two veterans can still go head-to-head with the bright young stars of tomorrow.

    It's no coincidence as to why this match received the 1st Place Best Free Televised Match Of January Achievement alongside the previously mentioned match.

Overall Best Brand Of The Month

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    As surprising as it is, Raw was truly more satisfying to watch than any other WWE show this month. Let's be honest here; Superstars could never get this award with the kind of effort put into it.

    The decision was handed to Raw simply because most of Smackdown's shows have been somewhat lackluster lately. Bottom line: Raw had better matches than Smackdown this month, and was just more entertaining in general. Therefore, Monday Night Raw gets the Overall Best Brand of January Achievement.

Superstar Of The Month

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    Alberto Del Rio

    The featured superstar of January is none other than the victor of the Royal Rumble match. I believe that CM Punk would be second in line for this achievement, but Alberto Del Rio's victory of the annual match goes second to none.

    It has come to my attention that many critics of the Mexican veteran are unaware that he was successful in securing several accolades based on amateur wrestling. He is actually impressive in the ring and I believe he will continue to deliver time and time again.

    Hopefully, this performer gets booked properly as I shudder to think whether WWE would drop the ball with him. With this royal victory, I bestow upon Alberto Del Rio the Superstar of January Achievement.

The End

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    Well, there you have it; the first ever WWE Monthly Achievement Awards. I hope you all enjoyed this slideshow because I believe it's a fantastic recap of what were the must-see WWE elements of January.

    I sincerely hope that these awards were as unbiased as possible, because I tried to present what I believe was best.

    Do you agree with the manner in which these awards were presented? Are you satisfied with the end-results? Post your opinions in the comments section below because I would really like to know how this slideshow is received. In addition, if there are any awards you think should have been here, voice your opinion.

    Thanking the WWE stars for their performances by granting them these achievements won't show how much we appreciate them for their diligence day in and day out, but we have to start somewhere.

    I thank you for your time and your patience in reading this piece!