Handpicked Feuds That Can Carry WWE In The Future

Joel DanielsContributor IFebruary 1, 2011

Fight and fight some more
Fight and fight some more

Okay...so I’m writing this with little to no regard for the Rumble. Or WM this year. These are just wishful ideas.

A lot of my articles come from me watching an episode of something WWE, and in the mix of it all, having the inspiration to write. Of course, that doesn’t apply to my article “I Expect To Be Ostracized For This...”, however, it stands for the rest.

And of course, this one is included.

After watching some episodes of Monday and Friday Night (mainly the ones that came before Survivor Series and afterwards) I began to realize the Superstars who bring out the best in each other.

Of course, I am referring to the future Superstars of WWE, and not the old fogies who are now nothing more than a hindrance to the younger generation, namely John Cena.

I digress.

While watching the RAW and SmackDown episodes, I began to pair off the top feuds that if developed properly would be able to carry the WWE for years and years to come. Without further ado, I ring in the list:

1. John Morrison vs. Sheamus

On countless occasions, I have stated that Morrison, despite having a move set that makes me miss Shawn Michaels, is terrible on the mic.

He’s not bad to the point where I want to hunt my grandfather down for his ear plugs, however he just lacks that spark and the ability to carry the crowd with him.

That is until Sheamus stepped into the picture. And after what I’ve seen, it’s like a fire started under Morrison.

Here you have the perfect opponent. A man, who in a little over a year, became a two-time WWE Champion, beat down a legend in HHH, and is the King Of The Ring.

In comparison, John Morrison has been with the WWE for years and has never held the WWE Title.

He lost to Sheamus in the KOTR tournament. And he has yet to beat an opponent who stands out as much as HHH does.

To make matters worse, Sheamus has mic skills. He can carry the crowd, and has the charisma and personality necessary to carry a promo.

Basically, Sheamus is what Morrison wants to be. And because of that, we’ve seen Morrison and Sheamus face each other in matches that leave little to the imagination, and will be remembered by many.

This is a feud that WWE should and has to capitalize on. Maybe not now. But it should be a feud we see running hotter in the years to come.

2. Daniel Bryan vs Alberto Del Rio

Quite frankly, both men could be placed with the above mentioned, but put these two in a ring against each other and we will be assured a great rivalry.

Why? Well, while Bryan has no personality whatsoever, Alberto has. Now as in the case of Morrison and Sheamus, once WWE works on that problem, the rest is history.

Daniel’s in-ring capability is in one word, “legendary”. Watching Bryan in the ring is like watching a Hall of Famer. It’s like watching...dare I say...Shawn Michaels.

He just has that ability to put guys over despite being a rookie himself. However, one of those guys does not include Del Rio, as he is in another league all to himself.

Alberto is a wonderful technician. Whenever I see the man in his suit I think of him as a fluke. Then he proves me wrong by being spectacular within the squared circle.

For Alberto vs. Daniel, the chemistry is there. Their styles don’t clash like Morrison vs. Bryan would. Instead, watching Del Rio and Bryan is like watching a game of one-up-manship.

A feud between these two,  in time, wouldn’t need titles if done properly, as we the fans would never have a dull moment in the match.

3. Cody Rhodes vs. Kofi Kingston

Do I even need to explain this one? It speaks for itself. Kofi Kingston is electric. Yes, that is Cole speaking through me, but moving on...Kofi is undoubtedly amazing in the ring.

His mic skills need help, but WWE will surely take care of that. Now by comparison, Cody has everything needed to succeed.

He brings in the ability to use his surroundings while Kofi relies on his lonesome to get the job done. In other words, a match between these two would certify satisfaction for the WWE fans.

To start the feud, a title would definitely have to be on the line. However, it can go past that once Cody becomes a more established heel.

However, having Kingston take on Cody would be nothing short of pure excitement.

4. Justin Gabriel vs. Wade Barrett

This is the feud I NEED to see happen. I’ve never needed anything from WWE...except this feud. Let me not bother dragging on, and just let you all see for yourselves.

Watch NXT Season 1 and you’ll ultimately understand why a storied feud between these two would work indefinitely.

Sure, Justin has limited mic skills, but again that’s a curable factor. Once that minor issue is out of the way, a feud can happen.

The fact that Wade Barrett and Justin Gabriel follow the General and Lieutenant theme to the T just says it all. Of course, for this to work, Justin would have to be a face.

And there would have to be some deep, deep betrayals twisting around to make this work for the long haul.

5. Alex Riley vs. The Miz

Another feud that needs no explanation. Truthfully, I see shades of an upcoming HHH whenever I look at Alex.

He, just like The Game back in the day, worships his mentor. However, after a while, it sinks in that his mentor is really in it for himself.

Unlike HHH though, Alex would stick to Miz until the Miz discards of him when it matters the most (like a title is on the line or something like that).

Riley turns face and we have a green light for this feud.

Like No. 4, this is something that should be done for the long haul. Meaning, it won’t happen until at least a two years (in total) has passed. Anything less would limit it to a PPV status and nothing further.

6. The Miz vs John Morrison

I don’t need to explain this one either. It’s just a feud that will happen at some point. And it’s a feud that should be in for the long haul.

Well, my inspiration pen has run out of ink, so I will leave you all here. I suppose my honourable mentions would be CM Punk vs. Wade Barrett (Prelude and finish to a long Corre vs New Nexus), CM Punk vs Randy Orton (reminiscent of 2008), Morrison vs Drew McIntyre, Bryan vs. Justin Gabriel (as a heel), Heath Slater vs Gabriel (Gabriel’s a face; quite frankly this just needs to be a short thing that surrounds the old storyline of tag teams gone bad) and Taker vs...anybody.



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