WWE Misses Twice In A Row: How Do You Screw Up This Badly?

Joel DanielsContributor IFebruary 1, 2011


I paid nearly $50 to see the WWE PPV Royal Rumble and all I got was a massive headache and a sudden taste for some strong liquor.

Let's recap on the event:


1. Eve is the new Diva's Champion. So WWE shows us that it really could give two hoots about the Diva's division. There goes my dream Natalya versus Phoenix match up.

2. Miz defeats Randy Orton. So that was genuinely predictable, however what I couldn't understand was why the New Nexus was out there distracting Orton in the first place. It just left me with—yet again—unanswered question.

To add, quite honestly, having the Miz win via interference yet again is demolishing his credibility. This is something that the WWE can't afford to do seeing that they've already buried two of their potential stars (Jack Swagger and Sheamus) via this route.

3. Alberto Del Rio wins the Royal Rumble. This wasn't a bad pick seeing that Del Rio has been on a huge roll as of late. My money was actually on Morrison, but we all know what hinders him.

However, I don't mind seeing the WrestleMania Edge vs Del Rio match because the last couple of times these guys faced off in the squared circle, it proved to be really good. However, having him win in the most ridiculous Rumble endings does little for his victory's credibility.

4. John Cena picks off all members of the New Nexus. Wow. So now we are guaranteed a CM vs Cena feud in the near future that will, once again, bury the other members of this New Nexus.

And because he was sent packing by the Miz (why the flip did he bug Cena and not Orton seeing that he's in a feud with one of these men?), we are also guaranteed a Title match up for Cena. It's a gloomy day in WWE.

5. Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler are a part of the Rumble. What? Since when did the WWE allow the losers of title bouts to jump into the Rumble at random and possibly gain a shot at the title yet again?

6. Morrison and Bryan are back to mid-card. I don't have to explain this, because it is very, very obvious.

7. A no-show in Cody Rhodes? Yes. Some say this just leads to Rey vs Cody at WM. However, I see Rhodes jobbing yet again to Rey Mysterio. And that's just a waste of talent right there.

8. Hornswoggle and Cena eliminate Heath and Tyson. Why? Heath Slater already has it hard enough, and what was left of Kidd's push has now been eradicated by this elimination.


Now I could go on and on, but I want to save the space for another one of WWE's screw-ups.

Monday Night RAW.

What the hell WWE?!

The dance off was pretty much stupid. I mean Henry and Khali won! And now the Uso's really are worthless. Then we move on to Jerry getting another shot at the WWE Title against the Miz.

What?! Okay. It was fine when The King went up against Miz the first time, because it gave Micheal Cole a chance to solidify his heel persona by costing King the win. But having him beat top superstars and come out the last man standing and now set to face the Miz yet again is just plain dumb.

What business does a commentator - yes that's what The King is now! - have with involving himself in title opportunities. Opportunities that could and should be going to other deserving Superstars - Cena excluded (my bias will always be present when it comes to John Cena).

Then just when the show couldn't go any further downward, we have the new Divas Champion and the former Champion losing to Lay-Cool. A group, by the way, who should be disbanded A.S.A.P.

And to add salt to my gaping, bleeding cut WWE simply tosses The WWE Champion—like him or not—another character-crushing loss against Edge thanks to Cena's oh-so-annoying interruptions.

People will argue that Miz cost John a chance to headline WM. And thus to you I say let's all thank WWE for that bout of madness. In the future we should expect heavy New Nexus interference and subsequently expect to see Randy come to the aid of Cena. Just kill me now.

Have I left anything out?...Yes! Tyson's loss to Daniel Bryan.

What is WWE doing here exactly? They have no clue what to do with Bryan (blame the man's lack of personality) and they give Tyson the big bodyguard only to have that Ace turn out to be a blank card. WWE needs to figure out this feud because it has the makings to be a great one.

Well, while I may rant it should come as no surprise that I will be tuning in to Smack Down this Friday in hopes that something good would have come from all of this.