WWE WrestleMania 27: WrestleFailure Was Prelude to The Rock Vs. Cena!

Bleacher ReportCorrespondent IIApril 4, 2011


Last Night a Jam Packed Georgia Dome in Atlanta played host to one of the greatest sporting spectacles ever WrestleMania 27. Wile the fans themselves may have enjoyed themselves and found the whole experience amazing and overwhelming, I still felt that the vast majority of the spectators in attendance and the audience’s world wide would have felt ripped off by the poor quality of match performances, the majority of focus on Cole and Lawler and the little to no buildup to a lot of the matches taking place.

However, two men and The Miz managed to give the show a little grace as it left the night in what appears to be a massive cliffhanger of unfinished business between all three men for the coming weeks.

John Cena seems to thrive on the Rock’s presence. He lives, breathes and sweats the possibility of facing the Rock at some point and last night he proved that he will do anything to make sure that happens.

The show itself was pretty decent, it certainly wasn’t the greatest WrestleMania of all time and I am sure that none of the matches themselves will be remembered by wrestling fans alike.

Edge Def. Alberto Del Rio to Retain the World Title

The show opened with Edge defending his world title against the 2011 Royal Rumble winner, Alberto Del Rio, if this was not a slap on the face to Del Rio or Edge then I have no idea what is. I am pretty sure everyone was expecting to see Christian make some sort of impact or significant interference in the match that would perhaps involve betraying Edge and turning heel and forever showing the Miz who the real Charismatic one is.

However, nothing happened. All we got was Edge defeating Del Rio, making him one of few men who has not won the title after winning a Royal Rumble. If that’s the case then why did the WWE have him win the Rumble? Was it to push him so high only to have him be knocked down? This match was definitely an omen for how the rest of the night would turn out.

Cody Rhodes Defeated Rey Mysterio

I think anyone who follows wrestling would have called this result a few weeks ago, with all the talk about how unhappy Rey is in the WWE and the possibility of him leaving or retiring from the business soon was more then enough to have the bookers make Cody win the match, thus giving himself his own platform to work on. It is amazing that Cody has leaped over Ted Jr. in the rankings as the better singles competitor. many would have thought it be the other way around. This match has its usual spots and its usual high flying moves and all-in-all it was a pretty basic match. I sincerely hope this is not the last time we will see Rey in a WrestleMania, however, I will not be surprised is he moves on from the WWE in the foreseeable future.

Big Show, Kane, Santino and Kofi Kingston Defeated the Corre.

This match was just gap filler so the list of the above names could just be a part of WrestleMania after all of them, excluding the Big Show, gave the WWE a lot of time and effort over the last year and a half and this was perhaps a small token of their appreciation.  Anything involving Santino is sure to be a lot of fun and this did not disappoint. I'll say it again and a million times after if I have to: the comedy should be left to The Rock and Santino. Not everyone can be a comedian. The sooner the WWE and Hornswoggle realize this, the better things will be.

Randy Orton Def CM Punk

This was almost the forgotten match on the card. Both men were incredibly put over during the last couple of weeks and yesterday was no exception. Besides the obvious spots, the match itself was pretty good but again nothing special. Orton is majorly in need of some character development and I don’t know how long I can watch the Viper do his same old song and dance. We need the Legend Killer Back!!!

It was also good to see Punk involved in a match that never included a ladder at WrestleMania, however I thought that they would give Punk the victory seeing as how he needs it more than Orton, who in turn will get over no matter what he does.


Lawler or Cole defeated one another?

I don’t want to go into this match too much but I for one am glad that this whole confrontation between he both men is over, at least for now.  The only puzzling element that occurred in this match was the identity of the Mystery Raw GM, who appears to be a major Cole fan. The match was funny because we got to see Cole taking a few bumps and he in turn delivering some of his own. I personally hate the idea of having Austin continuously be a special guest referee, nothing more and nothing less. Besides his mini confrontation with The Rock, something that I was hoping we would see, he had a pretty average night.

Undertaker Defeated HHH to go 19-0 at WrestleMania

I for one am so glad that HHH didn't end the legacy that the Undertaker created. It would have been a massive disappointment. Thank the lord The Undertaker managed to add another notch to his streak. Bring on Cena!

The match was good but nothing compared to the encounter both men had at Wrestlemania 17. there were some moments that got everyone biting their nails like the introduction of the sledge hammer My only problem now is what do both men do from here?


Snooki, John Morrison and Trish Stratus Defeated Lay-Cool and Dolph Ziggler.

Why was this second to last? Oh well…


The Miz Defeated Cena to retain the WWE Championship.

I am really starting to hate John Cena’s pathetic and poorly executed entrances, I mean really what is he trying to accomplish?

I am really happy that The Miz retained the gold so that we can move on to bigger and brighter things with the Rock and Cena. Throughout the whole night the Rock was electric. It was like he has never been gone from the WWE for all these years because his aura and presence was immense.

Cena was actually really good but not great, when the match went to double count-out we knew that we would finally see the Rock use some of his host powers and restart the match. The highlight of the night was the Rock Bottom on Cena and The Peoples Elbow on The Miz.

Stars of the Show

  1. The Rock
  2. HHH and Undertaker
  3. Jim Ross on commentary

Flop of the show

  1. World title Match
  2. Rey Mysterio
  3. Michael Cole

What did you think of WrestleMania 27? Was it worth the money?