Wrestling: UK TNA and WWE TV News (TNA's Catch-up Schedule, WWE's Sky Censor?)

Iqbal SirajContributor IIFebruary 1, 2011

Can I have your attention please? I have just received an email from the Sky broadcast team. It reads,

Dear Mr ________

Thank you for your recent communication regarding the censoring of certain words on the WWE broadcasting.

I can confirm that this was a decision made by WWE, however, we have now advised them to remove the censoring on words such as "ass" and your viewing will no longer be interrupted by this.

In regards to the TNA wrestling and its new home, please see the link below.


I hope my response assists with your enquiry.

Kind Regards


Sky Help Centre



Well the TNA UK deal is old, because I asked this weeks before it happened. But apparently WWE had asked them to censor words, when USA channel did not even censor some words. So obviously Sky are lying but now they have advised WWE to remove the censor of words so we should have a trouble free viewing and not anticipating censors.

In other news, we know TNA has moved to a crappy freeview channel that the unemployed and tea loving OAP's watch. But after viewing their TV schedule, it looks like TNA will be on from 12am to 2am. Yes you read that right, your classical viewing of Ninja Warrior and the 1920s Bullseye game shows will take over your nights until 12am midnight when your favourite show TNA Impact hits the screen.

Looks like WWE did have some pulling power in their exclusive right for their own shows that they advised Sky to make TNA look like crap. Also, people would possibly record it, which means the ratings will not show up, which means Sky will have more viewers than TNA in the UK now.

So there you go, no longer will ass be censored on UK TV, but also TNA will air on a OAP watching game show channel at a time where they go to sleep and the unemployed are still awake.