Silva vs. St-Pierre: Vitor Belfort Will Spoil the Potential Super Fight

Jason SchielkeCorrespondent IFebruary 3, 2011

Before they even step in to the cage this Saturday night, MMA fans are already salivating over the long-awaited bout between middleweight champion Anderson Silva and welterweight champion St-Pierre scrap. Dana White has even gone as far as to say that once Silva and St-Pierre win their respective upcoming title bouts that "Rush" will make the move to middleweight to challenge the "Spider" for his belt.

If we see the same Jake Shields—who looked less than impressive in his Octagon debut—in the cage with St-Pierre, there are little to no doubts that he will hold up to his end of the bargain. But will, or can, Silva dispose of a re-surging Vitor Belfort in order for the mega-fight to happen?

Everybody remembers what happened in Silva's last fight. Anderson was schooled for 22 minutes and 25 seconds by Chael Sonnen. While it was no surprise that Sonnen was the more dominant wrestler, the part that should worry all the Silva fanboys (and fangirls) is the fact that not only did Sonnen get the better of the stand up, but his feather filled fists actually had Silva hurt on multiple occasions.

"But Anderson Silva was injured coming in to the fight!"  Yes, you can say that all you want, but a rib injury will not affect one's ability to take a punch.

Now, enter Silva's next opponent. Belfort made a big statement in his UFC return by scoring a TKO victory over Rich Franklin. If you go back two fights ago, Vitor was on the delivering end of one of the most brutal knockouts in recent memory as he laid out Matt Lindland in less than a minute.

A good argument can be made that Belfort is the best striker that Silva has ever faced.  Belfort has proved throughout his career that when he is on top of his game, there are very few fighters on the planet that can stand and trade with him without being put in a state of unconscious.

Now, with all that said, Silva is the best middleweight in MMA.  However, Belfort not only has a great chance of becoming the next middleweight champion, but come Saturday night, he will put Silva to sleep within the first two minutes of the first round.

Then Dana White will be put in a bad spot.  Does he go forward with the Silva vs. St-Pierre fight, or will we see the reigning welterweight champion take on Vitor Belfort for the title?  Regardless of the outcome, most fans will more than likely want to see the matchup that has been years in the making, but Dana White has been known to change his mind on occasion. 

One last thing: most sport books have Belfort as a 2:1 underdog.  Given how great he has looked lately, that may not be a bad bet to take. 

So there is my two cents about this fight.

Could I be right?  Maybe.

Could I be wrong? Probably, but it's my two cents.

Play on, Playa.


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