WWE: Why Is 2/21/11 Date Being Hyped?

Chris FreemanCorrespondent IFebruary 1, 2011

Tonight's Monday Night RAW was...interesting, to say the least. We got a dance contest from the Usos and Great Khali & Mark Henry (which, BTW, had Henry and Khali won it, I would've been pissed, because the Usos totally served them), more Bella Twins/Daniel Bryan drama, Layla screaming and running away from Natalya, CM Punk's awesome promo skills (as usual), and the first ever RAW Rumble.

However, one moment that had me interested the most was this mysterious promo they aired twice during the night. The promo was quick (about 20 seconds long) and featured a dark figure in a trenchcoat walking in the rain towards a dark warehouse followed by the date "2 21 11." Obviously, WWE is hyping the return/debut of a superstar. The only question is: Who?

Well, let's take a look at some of the possibilities and why it might (or might not) be said superstar.

The Undertaker

Yes, the "Deadman" is the most obvious answer to this question. The promo itself was dark and gloomy, two words that can describe the Undertaker's gimmick perfectly and the date is the day after the Elimination Chamber, the final PPV before Wrestlemania. Considering WWE needs to hype up the Undertaker for their biggest PPV of the year, it seems like the best way to get him back into people's thoughts and start hyping up his match against his latest victim.

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However, the promo just seems a little too vague to be hyping up the return of Taker and the fact that the promo aired before RAW instead of Smackdown, could be an indication that it's not the Deadman. However, this isn't exactly a make or break situation. There are more signs pointing towards the Undertaker than not.


Who else in wrestling history wears a trenchcoat AND is a dark and gloomy character? Personally, Sting was my favorite wrestler during my childhood (I was a big WCW fan) and is considered the "Greatest Wrestler to Never Sign with the WWE." Its hard to argue with that claim (though many of you probably have a few indy names to throw at me). There have also been talks of Sting being a potential Hall of Fame inductee and considering the fact that Sting isn't currently signed to TNA, it seems like a possibility.

However, this option seems a little "too good to be true" if you know what I mean. Sting hasn't gone to WWE once in his entire 20+ year long career. I don't know why he'd decide to do it now, though never say never in the world of professional wrestling.

Awesome Kong

I personally don't think that its Awesome Kong, but I've seen her name thrown up a few times, so I'll give her a mention.

As we all have heard by now, WWE recently signed the uber-talented Awesome Kong. As a potential major force in the Divas division, Kong could definitely use the kind of hype they are giving her over sending her to FCW.

However, she is hindered by one major flaw: She's a Diva. The WWE doesn't seem to care about the Divas division nowadays. Spending TV time hyping up the debut of a Diva just seems a little too...out of character, if you get what I'm saying. Kong could definitely use the hype, but it seems like a longshot.


This is one that doesn't seem too likely. In case you haven't heard, Super Luchas magazine is advertising that Mistico has signed with the WWE. Right now, I'm taking this as a legitimate thing (I don't exactly trust the Internet, but this seems to have a reliable source backing it up) and if so, consider me excited. Mistico is one of my favorite performers who doesn't wrestle in America. But I digress.

Just like Awesome Kong, Mistico could probably be hyped up instead of going to FCW. The trenchcoat could actually be a cape, like the thing he wears during his entrances.

However, out of all of my guesses, Mistico is definitely the least likely. CMLL reportedly owns the rights to the "Mistico" character, so him wearing the same type of attire or having the same gimmick seem very unlikely at this point. Plus, Del Rio had to go to developmental, so I don't see why they'd have Mistico come to the main roster THIS early. Trust me, he's definitely talented. But I don't think WWE would immediately put him in the main roster just yet.


There are a few other possibilities in addition to the ones mentioned. Skip Sheffield has been gone for a while and is considered one of the more talented members of the original Nexus. However, why would they hype his return so much? There are numerous FCW talents who could be in this group. Tyler Black (aka Seth Rollins) is another option. However, they fall into the same boat as Sheffield: no point in hyping them so much.

Could there be a major swerve in all of this? Could the mystery person be someone like "the Phenomenal" AJ Styles??? ...No. No definitely not. But a guy can dream can't he?

In conclusion, I'm going with the Undertaker. All the signs seem to be pointing to his return and its obvious that WWE will want to hype him for Mania. We'll have to wait and see in the coming weeks or maybe even until February 21 itself.

Until then, what do you guys think? Do you think its one of the people mentioned here? Could it be someone else? Leave comments below and if you liked it, press "LIKE."