WWE's Captain Charisma: Is Del Rio's Win Just a Platform for Christian's Return?

RiZESenior Writer IJanuary 31, 2011

Last night we may’ve witnessed one of the greatest travesties in WWE history. WWE Creative decided to give the honor of Royal Rumble winner to Alberto Del Rio. While Del Rio may be the full package, there’s nothing that justifies Del Rio winning the match. Alberto has been a member of the WWE roster for a little over seven months and is going to the main event at WrestleMania.

But Del Rio’s win wasn’t the only travesty last night. For weeks the dirt sheets fueled us with rumors of the returns of Evan Bourne, Triple H, and Christian. Honestly, the returns were the highlight of the night and were what we all wanted to see.

Unfortunately, none of these men returned to action last night.

As I pondered last night’s Rumble, I considered the Del Rio vs. Edge match at WrestleMania. The thought of it sent an uneasy chill down my back until I looked at the positives. A few weeks ago, Christian assisted Edge in announcing meltdown of the year.

Christian informed Alberto Del Rio that he would exact revenge upon his return. If you’re unfamiliar, Christian tore his pectoral muscle during his feud with Del Rio. To write him off television, Creative set up an angle where Del Rio attacked Christian.

While most of us had our hearts set on Christian returning, there was one thing great about his win.

It set the stage for Captain Charisma to return.  If I’m correct here, I think Creative knows Edge vs. Del Rio isn’t a WrestleMania match. My imagination would picture Christian’s return like this.

Del Rio has one-upped Edge on every corner. Attacking the Rated R Superstar numerous times with the addition of Vickie Guerrero’s abuse of power, Edge would be an underdog heading into WrestleMania. That’s when Teddy Long makes his return.

Teddy announces that Dolph Ziggler was the one who attacked him weeks ago and that Guerrero was the mastermind. Long also takes offense to Del Rio’s underhanded tactics and feels he must face repercussions for his actions.

Long levels the playing field by adding Christian to the World Title match at Mania.

Del Rio is outraged while Edge shows no emotion at all. Captain Charisma storms to the ring and attacks Alberto, who flees after almost receiving the killswitch. Christian turns his attention to Edge who stares at his World title before raising it above his head to taunt Christian.

Captain Charisma stares at the World title as the friends/rivals stand face to face.

At WrestleMania, Del Rio upsets E&C with an underhanded tactic, as both lay in shock of Del Rio’s win. An alternate ending would be to have Christian pin Edge cleanly after a missed spear. Edge stares at Christian in awe before taking the World Title before the ref gives it to Christian.

Edge stares at the Championship before giving it to the new World Champion.

The best friends embrace, creating one of the most memorable events in Mania history. Now my question is, with opportunity knocking on the door, will the WWE take it?