Big WWE and TNA News: Kevin Nash, Vince McMahon, Alberto Del Rio, and More

Joe Burgett Senior Writer IIIJanuary 31, 2011

As we all saw last night, we had two huge returns to the WWE in Kevin Nash and Booker T. The WWE originally signed them in a small role, where a Rumble appearance was in the clause, but both would have limited roles in the future.

Booker T for example would have a few storylines, in a part-time stance, while Nash would probably work a short-term deal through Mania then a limited role after.

However, both received huge pops last night and WWE officials were pleased with how it turned out. It is now being said that Booker could see some time with main event guys through Wrestlemania.

Last night, there was also a WWE moment where they made an "on the fly call" with Nash. After he was eliminated, Nash started to walk out, but a ref came to talk to him as they went off camera and the cameras were on the match.

This gave the ref time to tell Nash to do a stare down with the Big Show. Talk of a potential storyline is considered to be "warming up" between the two, according to WWE sources.

Nash and Booker T were expected to stay with TNA and return by this week as a part of the "They" storyline according to TNA officials, but the two obviously opted to go to the WWE instead.

Nash even commented via Twitter about wanting to "retire a Yankee." Meaning he wants his career to end as a WWE Superstar. Which is all well and good to me.

Booker T told TNA execs about his decision last week, while Nash did not. Dixie Carter found out about the decision as it broke online, OUCH!

Word has it that Sting could possibly be at the TV tapings tonight, but many within TNA doubt it, and fear he is retired. However, there are still reports that are saying he will return to TNA shortly even though he is not on the docket for any tapings this week. Welcome to the HOF, Stinger!

The "they" storyline is set to happen at the tapings tonight, as well as an appearance by Hulk Hogan. Jeff Hardy will take on Ken Anderson for the TNA World Title.

They is going to center around some surprising names according to TNA officials, but execs feel it's going to send the company in a good direction. Some feel it will even save the company.

Wow TNA, putting all your eggs in one basket much?

SPOILER: "THEY" is Fortune.(AJ Styles, Kaz, Beer Money)

There is a rumor going around that Vince McMahon is going to step down from the WWE within the next year or so. There has been no formal announcement, nor has there been any indication that he will do so.

It is said if he does, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon will run all operations, and Vinny Mac will have an advisory role as well as his stock in the company as long as it remains publicly traded.

Alberto Del Rio won the Royal Rumble last night as many know, some felt it was the plan all along for him to win, seeing as the huge build up they gave him. But word has it that it was originally set to be CM Punk.

However, there are other rumors circulating saying that Wade Barrett and a few others were set to win it too, so, take this news bite for what it's worth.

Del Rio is expected to take on the winner of the World Heavyweight Title at the Elimination Chamber PPV. However, the WWE may change that.

Edge is set to retain until Wrestlemania, however because Miz is doing so well as WWE Champion, he may retain. It's doubtful both Edge and Miz go into Wrestlemania as champion, but weirder things have happened.

Triple H was set to return last night at the Royal Rumble, but he decided to hold off coming back because of the big Booker T and Kevin Nash returns. We could possibly see him tonight or the EC PPV. MANY believe he will be on RAW tonight.

Christian, who has been sidelined due to injury since September, is set to return to action sometime this month as well. He was in Boston last night for the Rumble, but never appeared on TV.

Awesome Kong, whose ring name for WWE has not yet been announced, should be appearing for the WWE relatively soon.

It is uncertain which brand she will be on, but many don't believe it matters because the brand split is pretty loose during Mania season. She'll be official with a brand starting after Mania.

If you haven't heard by now, Stone Cold Steve Austin will be hosting the new Tough Enough on USA Network the night after Wrestlemania, following WWE RAW. But who will be the coaches?

Word has it William Regal will be the main coach in an Al Snow type role. Many vets will stop by however, so, Regal will be joined by a new vet weekly according to sources. Goldust has been mentioned to be a coach with Regal, but that's not confirmed.

Former WWE Superstar Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) has started a weekly feature on his official Facebook page where he'll choose fans' questions once per week to answer in depth.

When asked why he decided to leave WWE and if he's ever coming back, he bluntly stated that he will never wrestle again. He does, however, note that he will appear for WWE when the timing is right.

A few days ago, at a signing, Jim Duggan was telling people he would be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Also rumored to be in is Randy Savage and the returning Nash and Booker T, as well as Sting. Ron Simmons is considered "highly likely" by sources. It's about DAMN time.

Ric Flair may be gone from TNA according to many within the company. He is not at the tapings this week at all. Some think he is on suspension after the Ireland incident, but no one is talking yet.

There is a ton to this story, and there is set to be more reasoning as to why he's not seeming to be with TNA at the present moment.