Marcus Williams Shows Up Early to Golden State Warriors Camp, Stakes His Claim

Ishak KangContributor ISeptember 18, 2008

What is more shocking than Monta coming clean about his still-unexplained injury is that SJ Mercury News writer Tim Kawakami likes what he hears in newly-acquired point guard Marcus Williams

And, trust me, he's no fanboy either.  This guy has run his fair share of players out of town with his scathing critiques of the early Mullin contracts.  But Mr. Positive reported that the three possible point guards the Warriors are plugging in to the gaping hole left by the Bearded One have been active participants in the last six weeks of voluntary pre-camp workouts.


Working out

Showing some skin, Williams is reported to be looking fit, moving extremely well, and finding teammates much the way he did for the UConn Huskies.  As Nelson and Mullie sport a man-lust for guards resembling Spartan warriors, this is a cautiously optimistic report.  Lottery forwards need only to resemble pencil-necked geeks.



I imagine that Belinelli, Watson, Morrow, and probably DeMarcus Nelson are pushing each other during these sessions instead of cowing to last year's captains.  I still think Williams needs to feel the heat from below in order to keep up his defensive intensity. 

It will be imperative for him to deny penetration at least for stretches this season.  Without veterans like Jackson, Maggette, Harrington or Biedrins around, I hope Williams is assuming a leadership role as well. 

I wonder where Maggette has been working out, as he is not mentioned at all in TK's report.  For a workout rat that marvelled at the Warriors practice facility in downtown Oakland, he's been kind of a phantom this offseason.


Conspiracy alert

Is it all part of Monta's secret plan to get out of playing the point to have taken out his own ankle much the way he manufactured his neck injury during last training camp?  Is he giving Williams every opportunity to secure himself a legitimate NBA career, right now? 

This is perhaps a little too Machiavellian for the Mississippi Blur—but if Williams can quickly morph into a prototypical-Nellie starting PG, then Mullin will deserve accolades for another fantastic buy-low trade.