Will the USC Trojans Bust? Looking Down the Pac-10 Road

Carson HowellCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2008

I will admit that the USC Trojans "may" be the best team in the country, they certainly haven't done anything to make me think otherwise, but I just need to see proof. The problem is, we most likely won't get to see if they deserve it, until the National Championship Game, if all goes well for Carroll's Trojans.

I think (some of) the public are counting their chickens before they hatch, by already considering this unproven USC team as "the best team of the decade."

Wow, back that up! What did he just say? I know it's ridiculous. The reason why I'm not considering them for this label, by any means, is because of the following reasons:

1. They beat up on an injury-ridden Ohio St. team, at home, who play in a protective cocoon inside the Big 10, and who gets spanked every time they try to turn into a butterfly (as we have seen in the recent years). They also didn't beat them as badly as the, ooops I said it, Gators did in '06 on a neutral site.

Granted, they were a different team. No one claimed that Gator team to be anything more than a great team, ooh but I forgot, only a prestigious USC team can be nominated as the "greatest team of this century," and not a silly SEC squad.

2. Who did they beat that was so impressive last year? As I recall, they beat ARIZ at home (who was 5-7), and they beat WASH (who was 4-9) both by a combined total score of 10 points! Not to mention their loss to Stanford (who was 4-8) and ORE (respectable, ending the season 9-4) They capped the season off by beating up on a HIGHLY overrated Illinois team, whom they stomped.

3. Like I stated, they have shown nothing but greatness so far, and I don't doubt that it will be continued, especially considering that this is their remaining schedule:

ORE ST.(lost to Stanford and Penn State by a combined total of 39 points between both games.)

#17 ORE (only ranked team on remaining schedule)

ASU (lost to UNLV, most likely get spanked, relentlessly, by UGA this weekend)

AT WASH ST. (got demolished in all three openers-OKLA ST, CAL, BAYLOR by a combined 117 points. between the three losses)


WASH (got demolished in all 3 openers-ORE, BYU, OKLA combined 75 points between all three losses)

CAL (beat MICH ST. by a TD, and lost to MARYLAND)

AT STAN (great opening win at Ore State, since got put back into the rightful place of the Cardinal with losses to ASU and TCU.)

NOTRE DAME (won two tough openers to San Diego St. and Michigan, USC will probably be favored by 4 TDs.)

AT UCLA (respectable win over the Vols, followed by at swift dismantling at the hands of BYU 59-0)

My reasoning you ask? Maybe to show that USC has a golden ticket to the BCS title game in their back pocket, now the question is, are their jeans to tight to reach back there and pull it out? Most likely NOT! If you examine their remaining schedule, you will notice that USC has 4 away games left, judging by their preseason play, I'd say UCLA has the best chance for an upset out of those teams, will they do it. Most likely NOT! This schedule, in my opinion, is VERY weak.

I know PAC fans are going to whine and talk about the out-of-conference play of the SEC after reading this so.... Lets put this into perspective, with a basic contrast between USC's schedule and a random SEC teams', lets say LSU's. Although I think it's very clear that LSU's pre-season opponents are weak, who has the better chance of going undefeated and getting a chance at the crystal ball?

USC opponents are listed above,

Here are LSU's remaining games:

TROY(8-4 with a quality win over OKLA St. and a mere 10 point loss to Georgia, at Georgia last year)currently postponed until later in the season.

AT #10 AUBURN(enough said, playing at Auburn, ruff.)

MISS ST.(8-5 last year with a bowl win, and a 1 point loss to AUB this year)

AT #4 UF(facing a returning Heisman winner and possibly the most versatile offense in the country, in the swamp, not fun.)

AT USC(lost to improved Vandy, and by a TD to Georgia, Spurrier won't stand to lose too many more)

#3 Georgia(some argue the best team in the country, with the play maker: you don't want KNO MO(knoshon moreno)<--I know you like that! it's trademarked sorry.

TULANE( by-far the weakest on the remaining schedule, easy win)

#9 BAMA(yet another ranked opponent, force to be reckoned with, athletes and speed all over the field, QB is looking like a QB.....run away!)

MISS(man do these guys miss Eli Manning)

AT ARK(good season last year with McFadden, rebuilding now, at 2-0 presently)

As you can clearly see, LSU has 4 road games left, just like USC, the difference being 2 of those road games are against top 10 teams, along with facing two others at home, USC dosen't play a top 10 team the entire season!(I think we agree OSU won't count by the end of the Penn St. and WISC games. as a top tier squad)

I tried to make this as unbiased as possible, but just like fans of other conferences, it's hard when your hard-headed, and think yours is the best---- hands down.

I just mainly wanted to compare these two teams' schedules as examples to view while making your assessment of the obvious question in my headline...whatauthink?

I want every-ones feedback on the Trojans, will beating this weak of a schedule justify them as the best team in the country? If so, do you already consider them as "The Greatest College Football Team of this Decade"? What will beating either OKLA, UF or UGA prove if it comes down to those teams and a victory? Do you find it annoying when your Tigers, Gators, Dawgs, or your Crimson Tide face this kind of in conference play each year as listed, playing multiple ranked, bowl-winning squads, and PAC and BIG-12 fans comment on a few of the weaker teams you play out-of- conference?

Thank you for reading ladies and gentleman.









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