Green Bay-Dallas: The Packers Will Beat the Cowboys

John TylerContributor ISeptember 18, 2008

The Packers are going to win on Sunday night’s game against the Dallas cowboys.  I will break it down position by position by giving each team a rating on a 10 point scale and then add up to the total at the end.


Dal: 9

GB: 8

Tony Romo has proven that he is one of the best QB’s in the NFL during the regular season.  Now, if this was a playoff game I might have to rethink his ranking. 

On the other side of the ball Aaron Rodgers is playing at the top of his game and his QB rating is actually higher than Tony Romo's right now.  The only reason that I do not Rodgers ranked higher is because I am trying to be unbiased here or else he would be ranked a nine.  If you think an 8 is too high then you obviously have not been watching this kid play.

Running Back:

Dal: 8

GB: 7

Marion the Barbarian is a beast and is a hard down hill runner that will be the X factor in this game.  Combine him with the fast Felix Jones and you’ve got a very dangers one two punch that gets the edge over the packers running game.

Ryan Grant when healthy is a very effective back.  I would put him among the better running backs in the NFL.  However, with his nagging hamstring injury it is clear that he is still not 100 percent and therefore the Packers may have to rely on Brandon Jackson, who is not in the same category as Felix Jones.


Dal: 8

GB: 9

Everybody knows that TO is a great wide receiver and he has great play ability.  The same goes for Jason Witten, who can shred a defense down the seam of the field.  If I was rating these two players there is no doubt that they would be a 10 but averaging in the other players on the team the average comes down because of the lack of depth.

The Packers depth at the wide out position has been well documented and is possibly the deepest in the NFL.  Jennings, Driver, Jones, Martin, Nelsen, Lee.  Six different players that can catch the ball effectively for the Packers and with the way the spread the ball around there is no doubt that they have an advantage here.


Dal: 10

GB: 8

The Dallas Cowboys have an offensive line that has an average weight of 328 pounds and have been able to provide Romo is enough time to read a children’s book while he’s in the pocket.  They remind me of the old Cowboy’s line that provide Aikman with the same type of time and are the reason hat Emmitt Smith holds the record for the most yards in the history of the NFL.

Packers do have a solid offensive line but they are not in the same class as Dallas.  They have been able to overcome some preseason injuries and even though they looked shaky in their opening game as far as penalties.  They bounced back nicely against the lions.


Dal: 35

GB: 32

Dallas has the best offense in the league right now but the packers are looking to get healthy and will soon be right there with them by the end of the year.


Dal: 8

GB: 9

This match up is close to being a push but the Packers get the edge because they have more depth.  Being able to rotate pass rush specialist KGB into the line up on third downs gives him fresh legs in the 4th quarter that should help his chances of putting pressure on Tony Romo.

Demarcus Ware is a freak of nature but he is only one man and the packers line consists of more talent (Kampman, Jolly, Jenkins, Pickett).


Dal: 8

GB: 9

This is another position that is close, but when you look at Nick Barnett, AJ Hawk, and Brady Popinga they are just more talented then they Dallas linebackers. 

Zach Tomas has clearly lost a step, Bradie James and Spears are pretty solid but still not on the same level as Barnett or Hawk.


Dal: 7

GB: 8

Lets be honest for a moment.  Giving the Cowboys a seven is very generous, especially a Secondary that does not have Terrence Newman or Roy Williams.  Last week the Philadelphia Eagles were to pick them apart without their top two receivers.  And the Packers receivers will be able to do the same this week.

Al Harris and Charles Woodson are veterans that play press coverage on almost every play.  Now, I know Harris has been unsuccessful against TO in the past but that does not negate the fact the rest of the secondary will be able to shut down the rest of the Cowboys receivers. 



Dal: 23

GB: 26

Packers have a slight edge over the Cowboys in every different aspect on the defensive side of that ball and I think this will be a big match up to deciding who wins the game.  Strength vs. strength. 


If you’re keeping track: The Cowboys are +3 on the offensive side and the Packers are +3 on the defensive side. 

Now in a case a tie the formula gives an extra 1 point to the home team which happens to be the Packers in this case and therefore they will win this game.  31-28