New York Mets' Bullpen Has No Easy Answers for 2009

Ben CurrieCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2008

As every Met fan now knows, Billy Wagner ain't coming back. Not this year and probably not next year. Billy was the saving grace of what is just a bad bullpen. While I stood up for these players after they did well in 2006, it's now September of 2008. They can't hide behind Billy's great career. This bullpen isn't good.

CL-Luis Ayala

SU-Joe Smith

MR-Scott Schoeneweis

MR-Aaron Heilman

MR-Pedro Feliciano

LR-Nelson Figgeroa

Yeah, yeah there they are, the usual suspects. Now we are past the 2008 trade deadline and can't do much more with this 'pen. We've also tried a countless number of arms from our own farm system, and as you can see, in the end, it's the same damn names.

But let's have a little fun and look ahead at what we can do with this 'pen in the offseason.

Okay, I know you're waiting for me to mention his name. K-Rod. Francisco Rodriquez is a born closer. Entering his contract year, he was the only closer in the game to save three straight 40-save seasons. Oh, he currently sits at 59 saves this year. That's a record or something.

What's not to love, you ask?

The price. 

After three straight seasons, then coming back to set the record for saves in your contract year, I think it's guaranteed he will set the record for relief pitching contract. Talks are already in the $15 million a year for three to four-year range.

While Minaya can afford this, does he want to? He just rewrote contract history with a $137.5 million contract on Santana. Do you follow it up with another. I don't like it.

Even if we do sign K-Rod, we've only solved the ninth inning. I think Minaya's answer is to throw out a lot of offers to solve this problem, step by step. Here our some nice free-agent names that I would like to see Minaya throw money at.

CL- Brian Fuentes, Kerry Wood

SU-Brandon Lyon, Doug Brocail

MR - Chad Durbin, Joe Beimel, Juan Cruz

LR - Darren Oliver


Now your 'pen looks more like this.

CL-Brian Fuentes

SU-Juan Cruz

MR- Chad Durbin

MR-Joe Smith

LR-Darren Oliver


Wow, my blood pressure is dropping already.

The point of this article is that K-Rod isn't the answer to our woes. He may be part of the answer, but I would like to see Minaya take this head on and make a lot of transactions this offseason. The names are out there for sure. It'll be interesting.