MMA: 10 Most Difficult Submissions To Pull Off (With Video)

Tim McTiernan@tmt2393Correspondent IFebruary 1, 2011

MMA: 10 Most Difficult Submissions To Pull Off (With Video)

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    In MMA, there is always the threat of a submission. If somebody gets your back, you can expect them to be looking for a rear naked choke.

    But if you're standing on your feet, are you expecting kicks and punches, or would you expect the guy to fly at you and slap on a triangle choke?

    For some submissions to work, the conditions just need to be perfect, to execute these difficult submissions, it is almost as if the stars need to align.

    Here are 10 of the most difficult submissions to execute.

    Every slideshow needs a little Brittney.

Honorable Mentions

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    Pace Choke, used by Nick Pace in his fight against Will Campuzano at the TUF 12 finale.

    Von Flue Choke, used by Jason Von Flue at Ultimate Fight Night 3 in his fight against Alex Karalexis.

    Philmura/ Wonderbar/ whatever else it's being called used by Phil Davis at UFC 123 against Tim Boetsch.

Gogoplata/ Aoki-Plata

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    Shinya Aoki was the first person to execute a gogoplata in professional mixed martial arts competiton.

    Two years later, Aoki was the first to pull off a gogoplata again, a gogoplata from mount, which has been called an Aoki-plata.

    Obviously a gogoplata is difficult to pull off.

    I only know of one other one that has been executed, by Nick Diaz over Takanori Gomi, which was later overturned, as Diaz tested positive for marijuana.

    Also, Brad Imes won two consecutive fights with gogoplatas. Crazy stuff. Thanks, Ryan Sz.

Anything With The Word Flying

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    Flying armbars, flying triangles, etc etc. Anything with the world flying has got to be difficult to pull off.

Helicopter Armbar

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    Not sure if this one has ever been pulled off, and in that case, it must be difficult.

Inverted Triangle

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    The inverted triangle won Toby Imada Submission of the Year. 

    It was a great submission, and I never get tired of watching it.

Bulldog Choke

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    The bulldog choke.

    It's not that this is a difficult submission to pull off, it's just that, for the most part, nobody will tap to it.

    Unless your name is Pat Miletich or Tiki Ghosn or Duane Ludwig or Kenta Takagi. Thanks to Matt Malepeai and James Hays.

Bicep/ Calf Slicer

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    Another one that I'm not sure if it has been pulled off in pro MMA competition, but a great submission nonetheless.

    This one is also very painful and dangerous. Which makes it even cooler.

D'arce Choke

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    Also known as a brabo choke, this one is easy to avoid, and difficult to pull off.

Peruvian Necktie

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    Looks great when pulled off. Has been pulled off by C.B. Dollaway over Jesse Taylor. Thanks Adam Dye.


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    Pulled off by Royce Gracie against Akebono Taro six years ago.

    Thanks to Chino Sola for the heads up.

Flying Scissor Heel Hook

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    Because this one was just so amazing, it deserved its own slide.