Steve Nash Trade Rumors: The PG Will Retire As a Suns Player When Ready

Avi ScherContributor IIJanuary 31, 2011

There are many talks about the trading of the Phoenix's Suns "face of the franchise" Steve Nash.

Why talk?

Why trade?

Steve Nash is playing just as good as he did in his two MVP seasons. The Suns problem is not Nash, it is the rest of the team.

The Suns beat the Boston Celtics and the New Orleans Hornets showing that when they want too, they can play ball just as good as any team.

There is no doubt that the Suns need help,  but trading Nash will hurt the Suns for at least two years. Not many big names are going to be running to Phoenix in the near future to help rebuild the franchise.

I think the Suns would have a good roster if they had two, legitimate all-star caliber players. Right now we have one, we just need to add one more.

If you add one scorer to play with Nash I think the team can be relevant again.

Let's see what we have today:


Steve Nash

Vince Carter

Grant Hill

Channing Frye

Robin Lopez


Goran Dragic

Mickael Pietrus

Jared Dudley

Hakim Warrick

Marcin Gortat

NashOutside threat, great shooter. Can take it to the hoop and create his own shot. If doubled teamed can find the open man with his eyes closed.

CarterOutside threat, great shooter. Can take it to the hoop and create his own shot, needs to be more consistent.

HillGreat defender and can create his own shot, not consistent with his offense.

FryeOutside threat, great shooter, needs to be more consistent.

LopezGood defender, has the size needed. Needs to be more aggressive on the defensive end and when finishing at the basket.

DragicGreat finisher, can take it hard to the hoop. Good defender. Not at all consistent with his offense.

PietrusGood defender, good shooter, not afraid to take a shot. Not consistent.

DudleyGreat shooter, great defender, brings energy to the court, has basketball "smarts" all around great player.

Warrick—Very athletic, does good on the pick and roll, great finishers, needs to work on his shot.

GortatGreat defender and rebounder, good shooter. Should open instead of Lopez.

You can see the bench isn't great, but then, what bench is?

The Suns have a bench that can bring energy and fight to the court. The bench has a good defensive line-up that should help the starters and keep the lead (if needed) until they come back. Besides, if Dragic is hitting his shot that lead can grow.

The problem is the starting lineup, Vince Carter has not been explosive, consistent nor an offensive threat.

The Suns will not be able to trade Carter this season but they will be able to buy out the rest of his contract and that will give the Suns $17 million in cap room. Also, Mickael Pietrus $5.3 million contract will end this year, and if he doesn't show any signs of consistency than he will not be resigned.

Hill's contracts comes to an end as well, I would resign him for a minimum contractif he stays in the shape he is now, then why not? He will also be a great player to have around the young players as a mentor.

The Suns have Josh Childress $6.5 million contract and I'm sure the Suns are looking for shoppers there, but I doubt there are many teams that would like to take on a contract like that for him.

With the money being released at the end of the season I don't see why the Suns wouldn't try to get a "big" name to play alongside Steve Nash.

The Suns need to try and find a SG or PF that will be an offensive threat. If Carter was in his prime this team would be a Championship contender.

A slide show will follow shortly

Have a good one!!!



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